Thursday, December 3

breath of God

Based on my quiet time with God this morning, as I was lead to read Ezekiel 37 which is about the valley of dry bones.  These are my thoughts.

carried away by the Spirit
he was taken in a matter of no time at all
to a valley
not just any valley
but one of desolation and eat
bones were everywhere
too many to count 
and while standing eyes wide open 
in wonder and astonishment
he head the voice of God
God was right there 
and asked him a very interesting question based on the sight before his eyes

"Son of Man can these bones become living people again?"
everything within in felt like that was impossible
yet, just being there, carried by the Spirit of the LORD 
he knew he was going to see something amazing
he had that feeling

"O Sovereign LORD" he answered 
"You alone know the answer to that."
and then he heard the Sovereign LORD during him to speak a prophetic word
from the lips of this visionary prophet
not just any words, but words that came straight from the mouth of God, to his
"Dry bones listen to the Word of the LORD.  
This is what the Sovereign LORD says, Look I am going to put breath into you
and make you live again.
I will put flesh and muscles on you and cover you with skin.
I will put breath into you and you will come to life.
then you will know that I am the LORD."

the prophet stood there briefly
digesting the words given him to speak
And then he spoke clearly and boldly to the dry bones
and before his eyes
the valley resounded with the rattling of not just one
but thousands of bones
what a noise
what a sight
even though scattered
each bone knew where to attach with the other
making up complete skeletons
And before his eyes
muscles and ligaments attached 
and then skin ~ 
full complete bodies
but while complete
they had no breath
But the sovereign LORD told the prophet to speak prophetic words again
calling to the valley
and specifically calling to the bones
"O breath from the four winds
breath into these dead bodies
so they may live again."

and there before the prophet's eyes
that all came to life
before his eyes - they stood
the sight of a mighty army totally taking his breath away
prophetic word revealed
and come to be
the prophet was brought to his knees by it all
and by the realization of the sovereignty of the LORD GOD that he served

"But what does this mean O Sovereign LORD?" 
and the  LORD GOD explained it all message of new life
to a people ini bondage
in exile
and without hope

dry bones
breath of God
new life!
And as I read about the prophet's encounter
I knew it was for me today
my dry bones can come to life
because of the breath of the holy spirit within me

And so I breathe deeply ~ 
waiting for him to fill my being
I choose life!

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