Tuesday, December 15


I can hardly believe 
the number on the calendar
today is the fifteenth
where  oh where does time go
second upon second
minute upon minute
hour upon hour
I want to shout STOP
and let me revel in this moment
at this time this day, this month, this year
but I know time ticks on

time was not created to stand still
but to be a marker of moments
hours, days, weeks, years
a marker of milestones
of family, friends, acquaintances
of appointments,
and coffee dates

in my life lately time has marked
advent walk through 
ministry retreaters
Christmas parties
and family birthdays
and everything that belongs to this wonderful season of Christmas

time ticks on
and I find myself attending my grandchildren 's Sunday school program
and my grandson's kindergarten concert
waving like a granny gone mad lol
and sitting misty-eyed
because I am remembering other times
of Christmas pageants and school concerts
and yet it feels like yesterday
when I got to the school an hour before in order to get a good seat

you measure moments
but also sorry and life changing events
we wait for time to pass
then lament where it has gone
It is a respecter of no one
although at times we hear that "time has been good to them"

time teaches us that we need to treasure the gift of today
without trying to rush to the surprise of tomorrow
time ticks
as hair turns grey 
and hands wrinkle
and steps get slower
and yet in one's mind "it seems like yesterday"

my best friend  - my not so best friend :)
you make me frazzled when overbooked
and yet at other times you make me quite content in the moment
fully aware
fully awake
fully alive
to the time around me - 
to sights, sounds, smells 
without you
I'd never know the grace that comes with age
the wrinkles that come with laughter
and the wisdom that comes with living life

without you
id never move out of my cozy house
or comfy pew
or complacent job
or walk in adventures with my husband, my kids and my grandkids

without time
i would never see my grandkids grow
and run and talk
i would never see the beauty that God brings our of ashes
I would never see the forgiveness that happens after its worked through
I would never see the heart heal after broken into a million pieces
I would never venture out in boldness 
and Id never learn to count my blessings

time you are my friend and sometimes you feel like my foe !!
you felt like you were never ending when I was a child
carefree and living a simple and good life
but now as and adult you cause me to reflect backward and sometimes i feel old

you have reached through the good times
but felt like you stood still during the sorry
and yet time
you've grown me
you've defined moments in my life
you have sealed occasions in my memory
and have made me realize in retrospect
the great life God has given me
through my 57years of time

you measure my life
but you are a gift from God
and I am so thankful

- Joy
December 15, 2015

"time has a wonderful way
to show us what really matters"
- Margaret Peters

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