Sunday, January 31

Hunger & Thirst

Hunger & Thirst

"I am the Living Bread"
"I am the Living Water"

Be satisfied
Live.  Live eternally! Live

The road is long, rough and dusty
Sweat rolls down my cheeks and onto my neck
One foot in front of another
Step.  Step.  Step.

Lips parched
Mouth dry

Between hunger and thirst
My being is finding it hard to distinguish between the two
It just knows it's in need of sustenance

As the green trees are lush because of the water
So my being feels like it needs to be fed and watered
Not thrown a few crumbs... but fed real food
And to be able to drink from an overflowing well.

"I am" He says - Living Bread.
"I am Living Water!"
Whoever believes will never hunger or thirst again ~ EVER.

O LORD GOD, it seems so simple.
Why would I not choose to keep eating and drinking from you
And yet often ~ I revert to the crumbs of fast food and sips of other drink
that only temporarily feeds and quenches the empty hunger and thirst of my soul.

"I am the Living Bread.

"I am the Living Water.


Plodding along step by step
I realize that I often stop short and sell out to the quick and easy
because I get tired, or bored or just sell myself short.
Your Way O LORD isn't always easy
I know that, so why do I keep getting sidetracked
I am a seasoned traveller
Walking this route with you for the last 50 years
And yet, I still get taken by surprise.
You have carried me.
I've walekd hand in hand through mountains and valleys
You've fed me.
You've quenched my thirst.
You've given me the pull up when I've landed face down.

I know YOU are life
Yet like being on a diet, sometimes I treat you the same way -
and try other things while knowing nothing else fills, quenches or satisfies my soul

You are my bread.
you are my water
You are sweet to the taste
fully satisfying
fully quenching

Remind me Holy One
to keep eating
to keep drinking
from YOU!!

I love you Lord.
written in journal Jan. 8th, 2016
while in Huatulco, Mexico

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