Sunday, March 27

If I had been Mary ... Resurrection Day thoughts

This morning, I sat by the window with my coffee cup, waiting for the sun to rise, hoping I would see it, but knowing that in itself would be perhaps not something I would see due to the overcast skies.
But I hoped.  I turned my Bible to John 20.  I have realized that is my favourite portion of Scripture for the Resurrection story.  HE IS RISEN!!

I couldn't help but put myself into the story, imagining Mary's thoughts, and Peter and John's thoughts, and imagining what the empty tomb or the angels or Jesus himself looked like ...
These are my thoughts!

Early Morning on the First Day of the Week

The sun rises on the other side of the clouds
a small glimmer of pink barely peeps through
I know that once again, 
somewhere it is shining in full glory for someone taking it in
I know - as creation does what God ordained it to do -
that whether I see it or not
the sun has risen
today, it holds special meaning
over and above my love for sunrises
it signifies "on the morning of the first day..."
Mary while it was still dark went to the tomb.

I can imagine her
walking, stepping along 
her feet not wanting to go to the tomb of the one whom she loved
Perhaps the sound of the birds pre-dawn chittering
overpowered the sound of her footsteps on the cobblestone path
her heart broken
her thoughts many
she arrives and stops, unable to comprehend the sight
the stone has been rolled away
in panic, she runs, not stopping to take a breath, 
until arriving where Peter and John are staying
and in between crying gasps she tells them
that they have taken Jesus body away!

O Mary, Peter and John
what did you think
were you awakened with news that only played on top
of your already shattered hearts?
Yet, you need to see for yourselves
in order to make sense of it all
and in no time at all you were out the door running
Peter in the lead until John, with an extra burst of speed, ran by and got to the tomb first.

O how you two loved Jesus
even though you were messy, broken and doubting
you loved him
with all your hearts
the Teacher
your greatest friend in all the world
He had transformed your lives in three short years
and now He is Gone!
you watched him breathe his last
be taken down
and as you cast glimpses over your shoulder, you led his mom away to your home
and began to try to put pieces together
Jesus, it made no sense.
And then this - 
to top it all off - as Mary has said
your body is
John peeks in through the opening
and Mary's words are true
Your body IS gone
they have truly taken away our LORD

then Peter, arriving slightly after John
gets closer
and goes into the empty tomb
his eyes accustoming to the dimness 
can it be?
they also took off his linen strips 
and his face covering
was also laying there, on its own
gently folded
and apart from the rest.

John, having regained his composure and thoughts
ventures into the tomb
and the emptiness of the tomb 
and sight of the folded linen shroud
cements the facts in his heat
that Jesus body has not been stolen
but somehow, not entirely understanding
he believes
that His Lord has risen!

the men turn and go back home
leaving their friend Mary with her thoughts
with the linen strips
and the empty tomb 
I can just imagine
Mary wept
no doubt with big tears that ran from her eyes, down her cheeks
and fell onto her dusty feet

and as if one more glimpse would help
she inches closer, stopover 
and gasps as she sees what appeared to be angels
at the head and feet of where her Lord's body had laid
and they speak to her
"woman, why are you crying?"
And as if its normal to have an early morning conversation with angels, 
she replies
"They've taken away my Lord and I don't know where they have laid him."
And she turns to leave
more distraught than when she first came
only to see yet one more person blocking her way
the gardener perhaps
but once again this man speaks to her
what is it about that voice?
"Woman why are you crying
Who are you looking for?"

perhaps this man, the gardener
held the key for this mystery.

Oh He held the key alright
not only to where Jesus was
but the keys to hell
having conquered death, hell and the grave
He stands there
and with that gentle voice that immediately draws her
He calls her by name

the rest is but a blur I can imagine
Mary recognizes the voice of the Teacher
the voice of the Shepherd
This is Jesus
 Realizing that she wants to hold him
and feel the beat of his heart
and his loving arms and strength
she runs over to him
But Jesus explains why she must not hold him yet

Then with overflowing joy in her heart
and a new found spring in her step
she runs to tell the disciples
NOT a dead wrapped body
but one that was flesh and blood ALIVE
the real Jesus
HE is risen and I've seen Him!!

I can only imagine how her life changed that day
only imagine
and I know that I will see Him too
in all of His glory
my Saviour
and my Lord
I will behold Him!
The best is yet to come!

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