Wednesday, March 30

The song of my heart

The Song of my Heart

Day upon day.
Today turns into yesterday
     and life moves on.
Dead buds are coming to life.
Snow piles melt ~
     leaving brown grass that delights with the warmth of the sun.
Ladybugs flit on window panes
     and flies awake and come out of hiding.

Furry blossoms are on the pussy willows
     taking me back to my childhood
     and yet years later still mystified at how furry these little buds are.
Simple things bring joy!
The pink of the morning sky
     and blazing orange of the sunset.
The cockiness of the big crow that flies down and grabs the biscuits I threw out for him
     and the beautiful blue apparel of the blue jays taking the peanuts at the feeder.

The season of winter has passed its baton to spring.
And spring ~ having teased us with above normal days 
     only to thrust us back into the throes of winter
     with brisk winds and snow. *sigh (where is that shovel?)

Having been quick to shed the remnants of winter,
     suddenly we throw our hands in the air 
          and promise that spring really is just around the corner
                 (as if we really have any say in the whole matter!)

Dusty sills and siding. (yes, that needs to be washed down)
Mud mixed in puddles of melted snow on the gravel driveway.   
     (calling out to the grandkids to see who can walk through it without losing a boot!)
Bird seed gathered and scattered on the deck from feeding during the winter
     ~ keeps "Chippy" running back and forth in delight
Chippy - the cute yet pesky little rodent!
"Alvin why do we have seeds squirrled away in the motor of our car?"
"Joy you have to stop feeding them on the deck!"
Poor Chippy doesn't realize there is a contract out on his life!  
     (its a good thing my sweet man isn't as quick at shooting Chippy 
     as Chippy is at running away and hiding!)

The sun warms up the house so much that the heat doesn't click on all day.
The windows are open and the freshness of spring comes in like a literal "breath of fresh air"
     moving the germs that have gathered over the winter
     when windows are tightly latched for fear of freezing open!!

Slush pants and rubber boots are the apparel of choice for the grandkids.
And I wear my crocs (the ones that my little grandson picked out for me for Christmas)
     and my toes welcome spring and the "no socks" time of year.
The new shoe scrubber at the front door has mud by it,
     having already cleaned a little shoe or two that went off the path and into the mud 
     (perhaps to quench an irresistible urge to see how deep the puddle was!)

Spring sings.
     My heart overflows!
Creation cries out
     with the rustle of bare grey branches, 
     shaking off dead leaves that have clung on with dear life all winter,
     in order to make way for shiny new leaves to come 
     in every hue of green imaginable.
The birds fly and call out 
     Jays sing and chickadees flit about
Creation is coming to life in a symphony of praise to the Creator.

And my heart sings
     with a fresh awakening
     coming out of a winter into glorious spring!
New life!
God you are so incredibly good.
Have I told you lately how much I love you!

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