Tuesday, November 16

back to work and completely zonked!

So yesterday I returned to the "working force" and although it was a short day (4 hours) it was good.  I got my security clearance tags, and an email address.  I got briefed on a few things, and saw a HUGE binder of SOP (standard operating procedures) that I need to read through in the next month.  I went home excited about this new opportunity.

Today I went in for 7:45 and shadowed an amazing woman named Lynn at the clinic.  It was a great day - working till 5:15.  But honestly, I am completely zonked!  Couldn't go right home as the house and loft were being "shown" since it is up for sale.  SO I went to the land to wait for Alvin, and then we had an impromtu invitation to our good friends Betty and Willy's for supper.  We are so spoiled!  Good food, good conversation.... amazing friends. 

Now we are home - and my man is fast asleep in the big chair, and I am ready too.  It has been a long day - and I am just not easing into work as easily as I would have 10 years ago.  BUT ... I am so excited about this job, and feel it is God-ordained!  Thank you Lord for the experience.

Also - many of you have encouraged me in this... thanks so much!
love to you all and GOOD-NITE!!

the pillows are calling me!!

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