Friday, November 12


We are back from a family holiday we had planned.  We left on the heels of Mom's funeral - in fact the next day.  It was rather surreal - as we talked about Grandma and how much she meant to us.  But when you are laying around the pool enjoying the sun, family being there together, and drinking funky monkeys and pina colada's ... somehow the reality of the past few months just did not seem "real".   We are thankful that we were able to take the kids and our little grandson and get away.  It was a gift....

We went to the RIU PALACE in beautiful Los Cabos San Lucas, Mexico.  It was grand!  Leah said that her and Josh talked about imagining how King David's Palace must have been, just by imaging and enjoying the PALACE we were in... can hardly imagine King David's!

Thank you Lord - for the beauty of your creation.  Whenever I think of  heaven somehow I always imagine palm trees, tropical air and the sound of waves!  Thank you for family that we love and laugh with ... and for my little grandson Everett - who brings so much joy into our lives daily!  Thank you Lord. 


Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now. I'm so happy for you that you have the opportunity to spend the kind of time you do with your family.

I can't even get my father to pay attention to his 2 beautiful grandchildren let alone spend a nice vacation as a family. When I read about the love your family has for one another it is truly inspiring to know that this kind of love doesn't just exist in fairytales and that we can try and foster this with our kids.

On the days you feel alone or hurt by outsiders not being there for you, try really hard to remember how incredibly lucky and blessed you are to have the family you do have and squeeze them tighter.

I would do anything, even pay anything to feel that kind of love and belonging for even just a day with my family but it will never happen.

Take care!

thoughtsfromacountrymouse said...

Dear Anonymous friend.... thank you for your words, and for your reminder ....
I wish I had some great advice for you but what could I possibly even say. To want the love of a father for his grandkids.... I hear your pain. I would love to pray for you though, that God would somehow break down those barriers.... I do not know your name - but GOD does... and HIS love is even far greater!!

Take care dear blogger friend.... and know I will bring you and your family before the throne of grace...
God knows your hurt... and loves you greatly.
love to you!