Saturday, November 20

brrrrrrrrrrrr..... winter

I will make no bones about it - I hate winter.
I know, I know .... Hate is a strong word.
Maybe I should "rephrase that..."

I love the idea of winter
Beautiful snowflakes lazily floating down
A blanket of white snow covering the dirt fields
Crisp air that meets my nose when I breathe
Beautiful Sunshine and Blue Skies reflecting off the blanket of snow.
I like that.

But I really hate the blustery days
when the car slips all over the road
and the wind really bites your skin.
When you can hardly walk from your door to the car without freezing.
When cars get stuck

That is what I hate.

Yesterday was one of those days.
But I didn't have to take the bus (thankfully, even though now I know how to open the door!)
(see previous blog)
Yesterday I got driven to work AND picked up by my husband!
But it was a very cold blustery day
The kind where hot chocolate, fireplaces and reading a good book seem to be the order of the day.

Oh well.... we will deal with it
One snowflake at a time...
or should I say, ONE BLUSTERY DAY at a time!

 looking eastward - out of the loft window
 Josh and Leah's long driveway, before it was plowed.

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