Friday, May 27

Belated Birthday Blessing for Leah

time passes quickly
days to weeks
weeks to years
relationships and love grow
and parents realize what God has given to them, in the form of children and "married in" children

with Leah there were ...
years of getting to know the love of my son's life as they dated
and she spent many weekends at our home with us
and then years of getting to know her as his wife
this year they will celebrate 8 years of marriage
and lately getting to know her as mommy to my grandsons
our little grandson Jay Benjamin, in Heaven, July 24, 2008
and his brother Everett John born December 18, 2009 and bringing so much joy to our lives daily

my daughter, my friend
i want to thank you for what you have brought to our family
for the friend you have been to ashley
(it was so important that there would be a great connection)
for the wonderful companion/wife/support/strength/love you have been to our son
(we had prayed for that since he was a baby)
for the woman of God we have seen you to be
(you have taught us alot)
for the way you have brought joy/happiness/fun and laughter into our lives
(and let us be silly too, and not thinking we were dumb!)
for the way you are such a loving and wise mom to our grandsons
(the way you made deliberate choices while you were pregnant and then the way you have loved your little boys while you carried them in utero, and for the way you are such a wise and loving mom to Everett)
we learn from you
we love you so much
we celebrate YOU!

I know this is overdue, but since I didn't have access to internet - this is coming out today - to recognize that on May 19 - you had a birthday!
Happy Birthday dear one!!
May God bless you as richly as He has bless us through you.

mom k

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Leah said...

Gee, thanks Mom. It feels good to be celebrated!