Wednesday, October 5

my sweet man (a fun post/video for today)

My sweet man.  I have known this guy for 37 years and dated him for a couple months short of 37 years! We fell in love at 16, married at 20, had our son, built our house, had our daughter ....
We farmed "on the side" getting up to over 80 cattle/calves at one time in a cow/calving operation.
We farmed pigs and cattle in a farming partnership for a couple years (until the disintegration of the other couple's marriage made us decide to get out of the farming partnership since it would get complicated)
We had dogs ...
We had cats... and cats, and cats, and cats
We entertained family and friends in our home and loved it!  If our dining room table could talk - we would hear many many hours of laughter and conversation and prayers coming from that wooden table.

And now - after 33 years of married life, and almost 37 years of dating (smile) we are in a new adventure, madly and wildly following the call of God on our lives.  I stand amazed at how Alvin believes in what God has called me/us to.  He works far too hard.  But he is one of the wisest, most knowledgeable, craziest (in a good way) man that I know - loving God, me, his kids and grandkids with a passion like I have known in no other!  Is marriage always easy?  Of course not (I am not going to lie about that!)  However - it is amazing and I would marry this guy again in a second. (which is what we did on our 25th.)

ANYHOW ... this isn't our anniversary (it passed in Sept) but I was just sitting here thinking about my sweet farmer/builder man Alvin after I watched (again) a very cute little video our kids sent us in an email.  Somehow whenever I see this - I think of Alvin.  So, I thought I would share it with you - and perhaps those of you who know him - will understand why it makes me think of him.

Kind of a fun post for today!

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