Sunday, December 18

Our little "sweetness" turns 2

an open letter to my Grandson Everett John, who turns 2 today!

Auntie Ashley took these pictures of Josh, Leah and Everett in fall, at McIvor Park

How can it be little one, that you have grown into a sweet little 2 year old that we see today
Gentle and sensitive
Kind and loving
Learning new things
Taking it all in as you run, and talk, and touch, and play
Oh sweetheart, how I love you so.

Two years ago 
Can it really be two years?
that we waited together ~
anxious for your arrival
and rejoicing when we finally got to touch you,
to gaze at your sweet little face,  to smell you, and to kiss your little cheeks.

How can it be 2 years already
 ~ that we have loved you
and you have loved us in your little two year old way
Every time we hear your little voice calling us - "Granny"  "Poppa"
Or see the little twinkle in your eyes
Or get the sweet little kiss from you
Our hearts melt.
You have completely got us, hook, line and sinker
This Granny and Poppa, are absolutely smitten. 
We were from the very first time we laid our eyes on you!

How can it be little one
that you are already 2.
What this year will hold, we can only imagine.
It will begin with you becoming a brother to your new little sibling
How will you adapt and adjust?
Time will tell, but somehow, we can imagine that you will want to help, 
you will want to touch the soft baby cheeks
and you will want to plant those soft little kisses on your baby's cheeks too.

How can it be little one
That you have gone from the little one snoozing in the laundry basket
to the sweet toddler we celebrate today,
who loves to run, and slide
who loves to ride the old wooden horse
or the riding toys
who loves to swing
and climb
and read
and color
and play 
and dance and twirl
and enjoy your friends.

Where has the time gone sweet one?
And how quickly it will continue to go.
Granny somehow doesn't want to miss any of this
I love to see you growing so strong, active and healthy.  
And I am often  taken back to the days when your daddy was your size
you are so like him
and yet so like your mommy
Only God can create you with all the best parts of both of them!

We love you so little One.
You will continue to grow
You will exercise your will
You will challenge your parents as only a two year old can!
You will learn
You will copy
You will live life with the gusto that a two year old has
And we will love you more
and more
and more with each day!
The way a Granny and Poppa can!

Happy Birthday to our little sweetheart!
Everett John Klassen
You are 2 today!
We celebrate YOU!!

Everett the day we celebrated his "half" birthday in June.

Everett "driving" the boat in summer, and watching as Poppa backed it down and into the water.

Ev and his Mommy

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