Tuesday, December 27

updating my wish list

So, today is December 27th.  I have a wishlist for Christmas ... and I have added "and the week ending January 1st) onto the title.  I just seemed to run out of time, and still consider this the Christmas Season.
If you scroll down you will see that all of the ones in BLACK are the things that have been done. Note that there are still many unmet wishes!! These are the things that are still in RED.  Have to do something about this.  Some of the things are "in process" while some are just well, still unmet and I have no plans for them yet.  

My WiShLiSt for Christmas:  (and the week ending January 1st!)

  • have a hot chocolate with whipping cream on it 
  • find a new ornament with "Joy" written on it, and purchase it
  • get a photo taken of Alvin and I for our christmas card
  • write our Christmas letter and get it out BEFORE Christmas
  • buy someone I don't know, coffee or hot chocolate
  • watch a Christmas movie
  • go and tour the "lights" of the city with Alvin
  • have coffee with a friend at my favorite coffee shop
  • sing a christmas carol while driving in the car, and don't worry about who is watching
  • make something special for my co-workers - just because they bring me such joy
  • donate my time in some type of volunteer activity
  • put together a christmas hamper for someone who needs it
  • make a gingerbread house with my grandson Everett
  • go for a hike in Bird's Hill Park, and end with coffee at Pineridge Hollow OR a weiner roast
  • write a note and mail it by snailmail, to someone whom I have not seen or talked to in a long time
  • visit with someone older than me
  • take flowers to someone 
  • make peppermint cookies
  • put a puzzle together with my husband (I bought one, and took it out of the box, does that count?) 
  • go Christmas caroling with friends
  • get a pedicure with my daughters
  • make a snowman
  • knit something for someone
  • try a new recipe
  • spend some time "retreating" and use the time to read through the Christmas Story as recorded in the gospels

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Anonymous said...

we'll see what we can do about your list tonight... if only we had snow, we could make a snow man... or better yet... have a snow ball fight... but hot chocolate could be on the menu for dessert... and maybe we could go for a drive, and put you and Alvin under the car blanket in the back seat...!!! <3 <3