Saturday, March 17

Self-Centeredness at Midnite

The other night - when we got into Orlando - we needed to wait for the shuttle to take us to the hotel for the night.  It was midnite when we got there (Florida time) and both grandsons were fast asleep.  We passed up the first time that the shuttle for Best Western came - because there were more of us than he could take.  Add in the car seat, and the stroller and you have a packed van!

So we waited a little bit longer.  It was absolutely beautiful out.  I love the smell of Florida.  My skin responds well to the humidity in the air.  Even after midnite - it was warm.  Poppa walked with Everett fast alseep in the stroller.  About 20 minutes later, up came the van.  So this is where I observed self-centeredness at work.

During the last 5 minutes of waiting there, along came a young man.  He was standing back, mainly because we were closer to the shuttle stop.  When the van pulled up, (this is when it looked like he was in fast forward!) I watched to see him scoot past everyone in one swift motion (who would dare think that a mom and dad with infant son and toddler should go first?) AND promptly took the seat in the front row and sat there literally like the cat that ate the canary!

Now, if he had been MY son, I would have told him to

  • move right to the back (afterall couldn't he see the Granny who obviously found it harder to get into the back than he would have!)
  • WAIT until the family was in, or at least give them a chance!! OR offer to go in first, and get right to the back
  • perhaps ASK if there is even room for everyone? (maybe he had a mind that could calculate the number of people and the number of seats as he was swiftly finding his own choice seat!)
I will admit - his self-centeredness took me aback.  But then again, it seems that there is alot of it out there.  We had a few moments of "Random Acts of Kindness" while we were waiting in the airport - so perhaps it just seemed appropriate to assume he would act differently!  (NOT)
Maybe I should give him the benefit of the doubt ~ maybe after he almost ran over Leah to get in, maybe he had a second thought!  

Am I being too hard on this guy?  Am I being judgmental?  Am I over-thinking?  PERHAPS.
All I know is that Jesus calls me to LOVE my neighbour as myself!  Sometimes that means letting the other person go first into the van!  

Just a thought!

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