Thursday, March 8

with thanks to Beth Moore

It is still early in the day - not quite 9 am.  I have been up since just after 7.  I want to be an early riser, but honestly, I have to really pray to become one!  It is not my first nature.  However I do know that if I ever DO sleep later (which is a rare moment when you are married to a hard working, get the job done, start off early, EARLY RISER) I always feel like I have squandered the best part of the day away!

ANYHOW ... with breakfast done, and Alvin and Michael are at work already in the house.  I have some alone time, to do my QT with the Lord.

Last night was our second last session of our Study on James ~ James:  Mercy Triumphs by Beth Moore. Last week I had not been able to keep up with the study.  I was just so tired, I kept falling asleep while I tried to do the homework! And it was NOT because of the content.  No, this study is amazing.  Have you ever read through James?  He is quite the guy! And he really just lays it on the line!

But the DVD portion of the study, which we saw last night - was simply amazing!!  It was session 7.  WOW.

At the end of it, we went into our small group time to talk and pray together.  At the end, we looked back onto a quote that Beth had written in the workbook.  THIS (without further words from me) is amazing.
THIS quote is my inspiration for today!  Thanks Beth!!

" If we're willing, God is our song when we are happy, 
our escape when we are tempted, our hope when we're despairing, 
our joy in tribulation, our strength in weakness, 
and our immortality in dying.  Ultimately, He Himself is our health."

O Lord, please, make me willing!!

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Becky said...

We're taking the slower road on this study (discuss questions one week, watch the dvd the next) so i'm looking forward to session 5 next wednesday, but what a wonderful blessing this James study has been! Beth is so gifted (and anointed) in her teaching.

it's good to hear there's more to look forward to! (as if I didn't know. :)