Friday, October 5

every season

It snowed yesterday ~
it began as rain
and quickly turned to snow
October 4th
just somehow it seems way to early
WAY TO EARLY to pull out the mitts, and boots, and warmer jackets
But it fell
for the whole day
and turned things wet and snowy and a little slippery
And the winds blew too
strong, blustery
as if it was their mission to blow every colorful leaf off the trees!

Seasons change (to everything there is a season...)

Creation is changing from one season to next
Physically - we go through seasons
Emotionally - we go through seasons
Spiritually - we go through seasons

And the snow reminds me of that
of the changes in nature
and of the reminder that seasons come - whether I am ready or not
whether I can find my boots
or locate both mitts
or whether or not I even LIKE snow ... it came.
So it is with life.

The other day - I was reminded again of how God created everything to change
I had bought myself some gerber daisies.
The first bunch that I bought was purple and dark pink.
They were just beautiful!
And conveniently placed by the check out till at the grocery store
(and not very expensive)
And they lasted and lasted.

And this week - I noticed a transformation taking place.
And even though I have thought about how flowers grow...
I have never seen this transformation before.
(unless a seed dies and falls to the ground ...)

You see the gerbs were in a vase
And they lasted and lasted and lasted
And then they drooped and the stem was obviously drying and the flower dying
and for some reason I didn't take it out and throw it away.

In fact, the whole transformation actually caught me off guard as then I noticed it went to fuzzy, puffy and then just when you figure it was dead and ready to be thrown in the garbage - with one touch it sprang open (like when you flick your finger across a bullrush and it puffs out!)

 It was my own little science lesson - my own private "teachable moment" right there on my kitchen island.  As I drew my finger across it, and felt the head of the gerber break open - I saw them ... the seeds.  Tiny, and on the ends, and the seed surrounded by other fluff/hairs that when caught by a breeze, will be carried away - transporting the seeds where ever they may fly, and fall - only to spring to life in SPRING.

 As Alvin worked around the kitchen doing some finishing on the cabinets, I marvelled out loud to him, about how I "knew" this happened and yet I "didn't know" it happened.  Does that make any sense?
I guess deep down, I understand about how things die - so that they can spring to life again in a new season.  But I had not given gerber daisies even a THOUGHT about doing this process, nor had I seen it happen in front of my eyes.  It is just like God to give this daisy surprise!!

I know that "to everything there is a season..."  I have read the scripture in Eccleciasties.  I have heard and even sang the song "... to everything - turn, turn, turn ... there is a season - turn, turn, turn ... and a time for every purpose, under heaven.

A time for every purpose.

I needed this this week.
I think Alvin needed it too.
We have been spinning with stuff - too much work, not enough play.
Too much work, not enough rest.
Too much.

God has been impressing the need to "rest" on my heart over the past month.
In fact, my good man and I have talked about it - about "stepping out" of the fullness once in a while
to rest
Easier said than done - expecially for someone with such a strong go-go-go work ethic (deeply ingrained through a former generation!)

God has been speaking to me through the seasons
and somehow - I know .... I have to listen
to step into the time, the beauty of this season in creation
to rest in this season of my life
in order to renew for the season ahead.
(it makes sense to me)

To everything there is a season.  I want to leave you with the words, and also the youtube for Nicold Nordeman's songs - "Every Season"
I have no doubt it will speak to you too.
Happy Autumn Everyone!!

Every Season

Every evening sky, an invitation 

To trace the patterned stars 

And early in July, a celebration 
For freedom that is ours 
And I notice You 
In children’s games 
In those who watch them from the shade 
Every drop of sun is full of fun and wonder 
You are summer

And even when the trees have just surrendered 

To the harvest time 

Forfeiting their leaves in late September 
And sending us inside 
Still I notice You when change begins 
And I am braced for colder winds 
I will offer thanks for what has been and was to come 
You are autumn

And everything in time and under heaven 

Finally falls asleep 

Wrapped in blankets white, all creation 
Shivers underneath 
And still I notice you 
When branches crack 
And in my breath on frosted glass 
Even now in death, You open doors for life to enter 
You are winter

And everything that’s new has bravely surfaced 

Teaching us to breathe 

What was frozen through is newly purposed 
Turning all things green 
So it is with You 
And how You make me new 
With every season’s change 
And so it will be 
As You are re-creating me 
Summer, autumn, winter, spring

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