Tuesday, October 2

tuesday morning thoughts

just an early glimpse

bold, fresh and strong

the sky wakes a little more

and more

7:45 - and blue to the west

and the view to the east

Lord, I give you this day!

Good Morning Tuesday!!
I went to sleep last night - with the verse from Psalm 139:17 on my heart - the verse that says,
"How precious to me are your thoughts O God! How vast is the sum of them!"

This morning I woke up early, and the songs by Matt Redman (below) was running through my mindand once again my thoughts turned to the Lord.  BLESS THE LORD O MY SOUL ~ O MY SOUL! WORSHIP HIS HOLY NAME!

As I looked outside - it was dark.
A little while later - there was some pink in the sky and the sun was waking up it seemed!!
As I sat and drank (a great bold cup of coffee) and as I read through Psalm 139, which is just one of my favorite (if not THE favorite) portions of Scripture - these were my thoughts.

O Lord
Good Morning
The sun is beginning to wake our day
and once again I am reminded
that YOU O Lord
YOU are in control

of all of my life
as much as I grab, clench and rop
YOU want me to hold m hands 
open and upturned

As I read Psalm 139 - all of it
It talks of your (great) love for me
are active in my life!

You ...
search me
know me
perceive my thoughts
discern my ways
are familiar with
hem me in
laid your hand on me
You ...
will guide me
will hold me fast
wove together
test me

You..  O Lord,
"lead me in the way everlasting"


Becky said...

i LOVE that song! thanks for sharing what the Lord is saying to you. :)

Anonymous said...
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