Sunday, December 30

@ the Bean

It is only shortly after 8 am.  I have already dropped my husband off at the firehall (since the truck is in being fixed, we are sharing a car) and have eaten breakfast (not the best choice - but Pancakes and Sausage from McD's fit the bill) and have drank one large mug of coffee here at my favorite of all coffee places Mountain Bean (affectionately called the Bean).  I used to come here alot when I worked as a Pastor.  A Lot.  I often did my early morning devotional time here.  Which is what I did first - I spent some time in the word - focusing on Psalm 119:11 and also then reading from Steve and Evy Klassen's YOUR EARS WILL HEAR: A Journal for Listening to God.

I know what I love to do.  I love to spend time alone - in a quiet place - and well, in front of a fireplace works real well too! (which I am doing right now, except I can't put my feet up on the hearth!)
I love to just sit in His presence.  And yes, I believe He is as near to me, as present to me here at Mountain Bean, as He is at home in front of my fireplace.  And I also believe He just simply DELIGHTS in the fact that I want to come and sit with him.

Ah ....
O Lord, I love you!

I am so glad that God speaks.  He really does.
You know - I didn't always realize this
Until He got my attention one morning.
And since then - I love to come in his presence and listen for his voice.
I know that God speaks in many different ways - through a small whisper, through a nudging, through others, through his WORD, through sermons/radio/tv
I know that God also speaks directly to me - and he does that often - and as I hear him I write down what I hear, or the picture (vision) he gives me.  I write down.  I describe the picture.  I take note of what it is he is using to get my attention!  I love that often - He starts by using my name.
"Joy ..."

I know that my experience is not one shared by all.
I have sat with friends who think I am a little "loopy" when I talk about God speaking.
I don't share that with everyone as I do not want to flaunt any of that.
I also only share when I feel it will be an encouragement to someone else, to wait and to listen and to chat with God.
God and I chat often - just like when my dad was alive - and he and I talked alot - on the phone, or in person.
Spending time with God - is really that kind of relationship and one I do not take for granted.
I know that many people do not believe HE speaks only because they have never heard him,
Or ever felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit within
Or gotten a God-given word for them from someone else.

Today as I read the journal entry in Your Ears Will Hear - it made me long for others to also hear the voice of God. I love reading Steve's entries - as he has a heart similar to the heart beat of my own.  He KNOWS intimately that God speaks today, and his mission is to help others hear God's voice as well.  (the mission statement of the Mark Center is To lead people to intimate places with God where his voice can be heard.

Steve writes it this way: "People who take time to listen are hearing Gods voice.
I don't have to force anything.  I am absolutely dependent on God.  I can come alongside people with a light heart and a simple faith, banking on the belief that God is alive and active and speaking today.  As people start paying attention, making a little space in their lives and becoming quiet they heart God speaking in many different ways."  (page 100, Your Ears Will Hear)

As I sit here in this coffee shop, away in the back with my chair turned toward the fire, I am thankful.
THANKFUL that - people like Steve are dedicated to leading people in hearing God.
I am thankful that I know personally that God speaks OFTEN.
I am thankful for those of you who have spoken words from God to me.
I am thankful for the WORD which is the living breathing breath of God - and falls fresh upon my heart each time I crack my Bible open!
I am thankful that for all those years, when I was too busy and distracted to stop and listen - that God never gave up and always gently nudged me towards him!
I am thankful for those of you who have had visions and dreams and spoken them to me.
I guess I am just plain THANKFUL that I love a God who is intimately involved in the details of my life!


I guess if there is one word (sorry, not possible) ... if there were a few words for you - it would be to just take time.  TAKE TIME.  I know it is harder for my male friends to get this, as most of you are DOERS and don't often just step out of the action for a breath of GOD! BUT I hope you do - all of you reading this - it is my prayer for you - that this new year - 2013 - that it will be a year wherein you fall more and more madly in love with Jesus, that you are aware more than ever of the Holy Spirit within you, and that you would develop such an intimate relationship with God that you can hardly wait to find that cozy chair to cuddle up in and spend time with HIM.

That my friends - is one prayer I have for YOU.
And for me too!

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