Friday, December 14

sleep well little ones

sleep well little ones
the sliver of moon hangs in the dark night
with stars shining
and the snow glistening in the nigh light
and you sleep
both of you in your beds
while I listen for the sound of a cry, or a whimper, or a voice calling out
and while I think of our newest one, 
asleep in her little cradle
or in the arms of her mom or dad

sleep well little ones
while i still remember the smile on your face before going to bed
or the feel of your hair as I stroked your head
to bring you some comfort as you were slowing down enough to fall asleep
sleep well little ones
as you dream
as you sleep
as you rest up for the fullness of another day
of playing, and pretending
of sharing and perhaps not wanting to share
of eating breakfast and watching curious george
of the anticipation of another day
and more fun
with your mom and dad
and with one another - two brothers.

sleep well little ones
i look at you both and wonder where time has gone
one of you on the verge of another birthday
i look at you both and you seem so big and grown up next to your little baby cousin Matti
o little ones ... you three are my pride and joy
you are the ones - all of you - who make my heart so full to overflowing
with thankfulness
with joy unending
with love

sleep well my little ones
both here and one a few blocks away at her place with her mom and dad
while you sleep you grow
it is fun to watch the expressions on your faces
or the soft little moans as you sleep
or to be part of the three year old conversation as you unwind enough from the night, to be able to fall asleep

sleep well my little ones
my loves and my life
the ones who are teaching this granny how to love even more
and how to play, and to imagine, and to dream
how to be serious but spend more time being silly
who are teaching me how to make up silly songs, tell silly stories and just be silly for the fun of it

oh how I love to dream as I look into your faces
everett john
roger thomas
and matilda joy
you three make me dream
and imagine
and thank God more
for who you are, and for who you will be

sleep well my little ones
for tomorrow is a new day
and you will need the sleep
so that tomorrow you can grow even more
and experience the newness of the day
and all it has to offer

sleep well my little ones

while the sliver of moon hangs in the dark night
with stars shining
and the snow glistening in the night light
all is quiet
sleep well my little ones
and know that this granny
she loves you more than you know
and will go to sleep myself - with thoughts of you on my heart, and prayers on my lips.

sleep well little ones.
i LOVE you 
to the moon and back!

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