Sunday, March 24

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Daughter, Ashley

How can it be - that this time 28 years ago, I was gazing into the eyes of my little blond haired, blue-eyed bundle of sweet joy! Our Ashley Marie born March 23rd.  A little sister to Josh.  And our gift from God - as we had really wanted a girl.  In those days - we did not do ultrasounds unless the doctor really thought there was a problem.  AND so we did not know the sex of the baby until he/she was born!  I was so sure we were having a girl (just like I was so sure we were having a boy when Josh was born).  SO SURE although I began to feel "bad" for being so sure it was a girl, that I went out and bought a "boy" sleeper just in case!  We only had girls names picked, and the girl would be either Ashley MARIE or Ashley NICOLE.  I think Ashley suits her name, Ashley Marie.

So we celebrated yesterday (I am not writing this on Sunday, being today, since I kept falling asleep yesterday when I was trying to write something).  We enjoyed waffles and all the fixings, and I made her "grasshopper" pie as her choice for a birthday cake!  We lit the traditional birthday torch - and sang, although rather subdued singing since Mattie was sleeping.

This year I decided I would do an acrostic for each of my loved one's birthday - and so, here is Ashley's!  ( oh my, I just realized I forgot to post for Alvin!!)  But today we bask in the memory of family spent celebrating Ashley Marie!!

Amazing at many things - but most of all - amazing at being a MOM!!
SINGS "like an angel" - this is how everyone described Ashley's singing!! She has sung from the time she could make a noise!!  Her singing has blessed many - and especially this mom!!
HOME-body!!  She loves to travel - but she gets homesick fast - which is a good thing I think!!
LOVING.  This needs NO explanation!!  She loves her family and friends fully!
Extends forgiveness and grace. Ashley does not hold grudges and I have seen how she forgives people quickly and also uses grace in relationships!

Young version of ME!!  I see so much of myself in my daughter that it is scary!!  (NO just kidding about it being scary!!  But there is alot that we share - her and I!!

Musical:  not only does she sing, but she is skilled on the piano and the guitar!!  Ashley also played french horn in junior high (much to her chagrin!!)  Ashley is musical to the core of her being!!  Her music has touched the lives of many - and she has used music therapy to reach out to people, including her Grandma, as she was dying.

Accomplished!  Ashley is a multi-tasker and gets the job done.  She has accomplished much in her 28 years - travel, schooling, work, but the biggest and greatest accomplishment is becoming a mom to Matilda Joy!

Ready to help ~ Ashley is always there to help me and others when needed - whether it be cleaning, baking, dropping off a meal, helping me out with a computer bind (of which I have many) or just being there for me!!

In Love with Jesus!!  I love watching what the Lord is doing in her life, and with her and through her - and it is my prayer that God would continue to make her into all that He has for her!

Encouraging and enjoys life!

Ashley, my dear sweet daughter - the one that God gave to me - our desired daughter!  I am so glad that  you are YOU!!  You have touched my life sweet daughter.  The very things we tease you about - the strong willed-ness is something that you can use in life - to get ahead, as you persist in areas whether it be relationships, or schooling, or just learning more and more about being a mom to Mattie.  I love watching you!  I see myself in you and I sometimes am amazed at how much we are alike - and yet still different.  You have alot of dad in you too!  You sweet daughter -  I love with all my heart - and I thank God for you!  I could not imagine my life without you!!

I pray that this year ahead is full of excitement and lots of wonderful times with Michael, with Mattie and with us!!  I look forward to living so close to you all!!

Happy birthday dear daughter - you my sweet One - are SO LOVED!!

Love you more than 5!!

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