Monday, March 4

Whatever is His way all is well


On Monday of last week, as I walked and talked with God, He used the ocean waves and sand as a living object lesson for me.  He talked to me about how the sand gets soaked over and over again, by each wave, that keeps coming.  The sand is sometimes more exposed, and as the waves wash over it time and time and time again, it soaks up the water, until the next wave.  Sometimes a little sand is washed away.  God said to me, that I needed to allow the Holy Spirit to keep soaking me - to renew me, to refresh me, to give me rest.  And that I would continue to be refueled by His living water.  I am thankful that God speaks today, and that He also uses creation to teach this gal what she may otherwise miss!!  Thank you Lord!

I am taking this time, this twenty minute window of opportunity ~ to blog 
Outside, the snow is falling.
Inside the fireplace is on, and I am sitting beside it.
Outside it is still very obviously winter
In my heart, I am still basking in the memories of the hot vacation that was truly a gift from God
A gift of REST.
Timely ...
and very very needy.
We needed the rest.
Ashley said this morning "I realized how tired Dad really was, when I heard that you didn't get out of your hotel room to see the sun rise each morning."
Traditionally, on EVERY vacation we have been on, walking the beach at sunrise has always been something we did.
But this time, we noticed it from our beds!! 
Our feet hit the floor at about 8, which really was late for us!
SO ... like I said, the rest, oh it was so good!
I thank God for that, AND for all He spoke to me about while we were away.

But today, while the tan lines are still fresh, the reality of the "next stage of this journey" is upon us.
And I am excited and very very hopeful about it all.
The fear of the unknown, and the cries that I uttered to the Lord ("really God, can I really do this?") ... well, He has assured me that He has chosen the right one for such a time as this
and I am feeling thankful.

While we were away resting, I had the chance to think a lot about those I have loved, that God has taken home - far too soon.  
My friend Audrey.
My sweet young niece Keri.
The journey is never easy.
But as I look at the journey He has taken me (and my family) on, I realize just how much He has carried us, walked beside us, changed us, and made us into the people we are today.
God is a God that we may not understand everything about (not even half) 
but a God whom we love, and trust, and believe that He is in control.

While I have so much to do - to get ready for our grand opening in a couple weeks, I just keep hearing this song by Robin Mark, and just wanted to share it with you.  Robin expresses my heart in these lyrics!  And I in turn can say, All is Well with my soul ~ He is God in control ~ I know not all His plans ~ but I know I'm in His hands!  Amen, amen and AMEN!!

Robin Mark - All is Well

He lowers us to raise us
So we can sing His praises
Whatever is His way all is well

He makes us rich and poor
That we might trust Him more
Whatever is His way all is well

All my changes come from Him He who never changes
I'm held firm in the grasp of the Rock of all the ages

All is well with my soul
He is God in control
I know not all His plans
But I know I'm in His hands

He clothes us now then strips us
Yet with His Word equips us
Whatever is His way all is well
And though our seasons change
We still exalt His name
Whatever is His way all is well

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