Saturday, December 28

It is well with my soul

The snow is falling again.  It began last night.  I can't help but feel bad for my son (in-law) who does snow removal and has been so incredibly busy since winter started.  It seems that snow never falls at the least opportune times!  Usually picks the same day as family gatherings are on.  And, I know he is not feeling 100% with a cold that continues to revolve within our family and their spouses and kids.  But this is winter.

There is something about this day - as I sit in the warmth of my home, with the fire on in the fireplace, and I don't have to be anywhere right now (I do have to go grocery shopping eventually, for the meat for tomorrow's post Christmas extended family gathering here) BUT I think I will wait a while - until perhaps the snow stops and the wind dies down, and perhaps there is more than just a trail to travel out on.  Worst case scenario, I will improvise and check to see what is in the freezer.

I have been doing some clean up - just the main things, laundry (which somehow seems never ending) and just puttering around.  And in my being, I have noticed something very distinctly.  I can feel that my soul is well!!  I used to have a pastor whom I loved greatly.  Pastor Herb would always give me a big hug and ask me "Is your soul well?"  I liked that - because it made me think.  It always made me feel that I needed to answer THAT question truthfully.  (Unlike sometimes when we walk into a church and someone asks us the typical question, "how are you" to which I (and I know that you do too) often just answer "good" and walk by.  Yes, I know you answer that one!

The other day I was at my kids church (which I thank God that my kids are plugged in here) and I was coming up the steps as another grandma was going down the steps with her grand kids.  We asked one another "THAT" question and we both replied "good" and then Ingrid said "well actually that isn't true " and she laughed ... and then I said "ya, I would agree" (as I was just in the throws of the cough/cold virus that is still hanging on three weeks later).  We laughed as we realized we were doing what is SO typically done in churches.  (wearing the mask)

But today, while the wind howls and snow swirls I can honestly say my soul is well.  I still have a cough that has combined with my asthma.  But my SOUL is well.  I feel a contentedness.  I feel hopeful.  I feel joy - deeply seated joy.  It does not mean that all is perfect, because let me tell you, I don't think anything in my life is perfect.  It does not mean that I do not feel sadness over the loss of family and friends who have gone to heaven.  It does not mean that I have it all together (because ya, I don't)  However - it is WELL.  And I feel that - right in the core, the center of my being where God resides!!

It is well!!  O Thank you Lord for that today!!


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