Wednesday, October 1

autumn: my bittersweet love story


the sights
the sounds
the smells
my senses are heightened
and in tune with this season we call autumn

the leaves grow more brilliant with every day
colours that dazzle in splendour
God is showing off once again,
in the way that only God can
Creator knowing his creation
and changing it with the seasons
which flow one after another after another
just like our lives

autumn winter spring summer
this season where we oooo and ahhh over the beauty
where one day the leaves are rustling in all their colour
and the next day the wind whips them off
and they fly in the wind
spinning circles in the wind current
circling up and then down
accumulating in a pool of leaves
different sizes
different colours
but all together

i love the sound of autumn
the sound of the leaves rustling
and the sound of the leaves crunching once they have fallen
the sound of laughter coming from children playing in heaps upon heaps of leaves
raked up
jumped in
and repeat
autumn joy

the sound of bullrushes dry and swaying in the wind
and dried corn stalks keeping time in its field

i love the sound of the blue jays at the feeder
or the woodpecker that makes the tin pecking noise
 (doesn't he know the feeder is not a tree)
i love the sound of geese honking together
and the sound of their powerful wings flapping
i love the sound of campfires crackling
and chainsaws cutting wood up for winter
i love the sound of waves lapping up onto the beach
in anticipation of the freeze that will be coming all too soon
i love the sound of the motorcycles
getting in the last good ride before they are covered up and packed away for the winter

my senses take in the smell of autumn
black mud taking in its last rains before the rain turns to snow (it is coming)
leaves that fall in heaps in the bushes, and decaying as they form their natural compost
there is a smell that comes with walks in the bush .... the wet leaves
the smell of wild sage
the smell of campfires and farmers burning their stubble
the smell of the last wiener roasts of the summer,
good coffee and toasted marshmallows
and in the house the smell of pumpkin pies
turkey and stuffing
while the thanksgiving meal is being prepared
o Lord, I am thankful

oh i love you
and yet you hold such bittersweet memories
it was in autumn that i took a year off to walk in my depression and its healing
it was in autumn that i had the last great conversations with my dad, before his sudden death
it was in autumn that my kids both went away to school, and my house became an empty nest

autumn ...
creation dies ... the seeds fall into the ground ... go dormant for winter
autumn ... beauty just before the starkness of barren trees
autumn ... the season of thanksgiving in so many ways

there is no season like you
and you speak deeply to my being
you engage my senses
my thoughts
my imagination
and while my camera captures some images
nothing will ever just really capture the beauty of the actual season, and the moments this season holds

i love you
my bittersweet love story


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