Wednesday, October 22

routine: tragedy

The sun rises as I sit in the hot tub with my sweet man
We talk
and drink coffee
...what will this day hold?

I drive to Niverville for an appointment
the ride is good to my soul
long enough for some good thinking

the ride back never seems as long
a quick stop for some salads from Subway
and home to eat late lumch with my husband
he is dusty from working on patio blocks
about 140 spaces needed to be filled with blocks
accurately cut and placed into spots that had been left empty
some more good conversation
i love that

the afternoon passed quickly
clean up
more clean up
go to vote for our municipality - mayor, school trustee and councillors
the city is voting for a new mayor too
a much bigger vote than our little R.M.
but none the less, an exercise of our rights as adults
more clean up
more laundry
and now thinking of getting off to bed
seems pretty straightforward
pretty routine

and yet a listen to the news is anything but
and a reminder that this world is in such trouble
a soldier is gunned down
while he does nothing but stands on duty at a war memorial
and tonight, parents are grieving the death of a son
my heart breaks

in our city
a woman is arrested
as the remains of 6 babies are found in her storage unit
6 babies
what would have made her do that
how desperate or depraved
its hard not to pass judgment
O Lord, have mercy

in our church
we are praying this week for the city police department
how do we pray?
we protection
for justice
for mercy
for compassion
and for light to shine brighter into a city that has a really bad record for murder and crime

my day
routine and good
life around me
is anything but
I pray because I know God hears me
and even though I don't understand why any of these tragedies happen
I know that God is in control

I will keep praying
I will keep living my life for His glory
my part may seem small
but God can use my part for bigger things

This world is out of control
satan is running rampant

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