Wednesday, May 13

So WHY do I follow Jesus?

Well, I am back at work at the church, and one of the things I was to do on my first Sunday back, was to share along with many others in our adult Sunday School class about WHY I FOLLOW JESUS? So, here are my words -

Why Do I Follow Jesus?

I was very young when I decided to follow Jesus. I will always remember that night when I prayed. The decision I made to follow Jesus was very real.

As I got older, married and had my children, I continued to trust God. Life was good – following Jesus was easy.

I knew my faith was secure. However in hindsight I recognize that I had fallen into complacency. My faith was safe and predictable.

That was until I experienced life in ways that shook me to my core and put my faith in Jesus to the test.

Depression. Death of parents and most recently the death of our greatly anticipated grandson Jay rocked my world. My very safe and predictable faith was shaken literally to the very foundation. I made a decision that I could do life with God or without God and I chose to follow GOD even when it had become very dark.

Why do I follow Jesus?
I follow him because he was my anchor through each storm. The last storm had gale force winds believe me. This ship was tattered and town. And through the raging seas – my anchor Jesus – held.

I follow Jesus because He did not desert me when the going was rough and ugly.
He was able to take the rawness of my life – my questions and ranting, my pain and show me that he loved me through it all.
I follow Jesus because nothing and no one else gives me the strength that I have felt;
Or the comfort – and peace that in unmistakably His.

I follow Jesus because along the way He is the one who continued to show me his presence through very tangible ways.
When I faced fear and doubt, it was God who came me courage to continue on, and many times I believe it was only in his strength – because I had no strength of my own left.

He has shown me that life with him is not a life of complacency, predictability or safety.
I follow Him because I know that He is dependable and true to his promises.
I follow Jesus because He has shown me that He cares about every part of my life, and wants to live in that love.

Because of him, I feel loved and precious. Following Jesus may not be easy but it is worth it.

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ashleymarie said...

i really like this post mom, i am so thankful that you follow Jesus and for your example, because since i was young i've wanted to know the Jesus that you know

love you