Friday, July 24

Jesus will you please tell little Jay...

Jesus -
how I wish I could see my little grandson on his birthday - but Jesus I know that you are celebrating with him!
Would you tell Jay a few things for me?
First of all will you tell him how much I miss him. And how much I look forward to seeing him one day soon.
I know Jesus that to you, time means nothing, and to Jay - when he sees his mommy and daddy and us all - it will seem like a mere moment, while to us it seems like an eternity.

Can you tell him how much we have looked at his pictures and imagined what he looks like in heaven?
Somehow I have a picture of him being a "rough and tumble" little guy - with a big smile and lots of his mommy's curls.

Can you tell Jay how much his poppa misses him, and wishes that he was here wandering around the shop, trying to pick up tools, maybe petting Louis or Oreo.
His poppa had so many dreams and hopes of what they would do together - please tell Jay that his poppa misses him so much.
But we can only imagine how his great poppa and great granny and great grandpa are all enjoying Jay Benjamin.
Sometimes I imagine how they must laugh together, and run, and play, and likely he sits often with them, as they tell him stories.
Jesus - maybe you can tell my mom, my dad and my father in law - we miss them too, but we are so glad they are with Jay.

Can you tell Jay about his mommy and daddy. Although I figure that they have continually asked you to tell Jay things from them. Tell Jay how much he made them laugh when he was still inside his mommy. In fact, Jay made us all laugh.

Can you tell Jay how much we have loved how you and the Father have given us "blue jays" in our everyday life - and how we feel they are kisses from heaven to us - to remind us that Jay was such a gift, and that you Lord, continue to remind us that we are loved, even though we feel robbed.

Jesus - can you give Jay an extra big hug or two or three or more - from me. Tell him how much I wish I could hug him in person, but that will have to wait till we meet again.
Jesus please sing happy birthday to him - and tell him that today we are celebrating his life.
Jesus - can you please make him laugh alot today - even while we weep here below.
And Lord - can you also tell him that he will always be in our lives - and in our hearts - always.
Tell him that he is my first grandson - my first grandbaby - and will always hold that place in my heart.

Jesus tell him that I wish he was here so I could see his expression when he felt the wind across his face, or saw the beautiful color of the tiger lilys, or when he felt the fur of the cats. Tell him I wish he was here so I could smell him, and feel the softness of his skin, and look at his little fingers.
Tell him I wish he was here to makes us smile and laugh.

But in the meantime Jesus - thank you for being the one that is running, laughing, watching, playing and holding him. Really - he is in the greatest hands of all.
But oh how I wish they were mine.

Tell my grandson - Jay Benjamin - I love you so very much. Happy Birthday Jay.

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