Tuesday, October 13

Could there possibly be any more tears?

The School of Spiritual Direction is such a gift to me. I thank God for my family and friends who have and are bathing me and this time away in prayer. I came with no expectations other than I felt God had something for me personally, and for me in regards to ministry.

While this blog post will be short - all I can say is that I am amazed at the tears that continue to flow - almost every session. We begin the day with worship - devotional by Dr. Crabb - prayer - and then teaching on spiritual direction. That is before lunch. This morning, as we spent the time in silent prayer/reflection, my tears rolled down my cheeks - and I could hear other people accessing the kleenex that is on each table.

BROKENNESS - it is only in brokenness that we realize the power of the Holy SPirit in us. I am learning alot. GOd is revealing even more. Some of it is startling. Some of it is perhaps things I knew but just didn't want to "go there" with it.

There will be more to come - as many thoughts as tears I am sure. I am so thankful I have come here and see how this point in time is the time God needed me to come.
Thank you Lord for the gift of this beautiful time - the blessing of this beautiful retreat space - the wisdom of such a godly christian man as Dr. Larry Crabb - and for being able to step out of my life back home, and come here with the full blessing of my man and my kids.

Lord, I am sooooo thankful and so blessed.
Thank you Father - who loves me and embraces me -
Thank you Jesus - who died for me and rose again. You've covered me with amazing grace.
Thank you Holy Spirit for indwelling me - and filling me with the resurrection power.
O God - thank you.

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