Monday, October 19

Moment of Grace

Grace. Not a word that people in the secular world use very often. Perhaps since it is associated with the Christian world. I am not sure, but yesterday - I experienced some grace!!

It was mid morning and I was bombing along the highway in my husband's big truck (or it feels big to me) and I was listening to the radio, and my thoughts were not on the speedometer at all. Now, I have travelled this same stretch of road for 26 years - driving most of those trips myself - and the speed limit has not changed. It has remained at 80 kph.

So, there I was - doing 90.... driving, thinking, listening to the tunes when lo and behold - the second car coming toward me - very visibly a RCMP cruiser. Oh shoot! Usually at that time, hitting the brakes is a jerk-reaction, which is also a very visble acknowledgement of guilt! Why else would the brake lights go on!!
Well - right at that time, he flashes his lights at me, and puts on his swirly lights.

You have to know the thoughts that were running through my mind.... "after all these years - you are getting a ticket?" "just what you need when you are umemployed, a costly fine, way to go" and "oh no.... I wonder if I can find Alvin's registration in this truck". I obviously quickly slowed (yep, put on the brake) and proceeded to slow down and pull over. No use making him chase me - that's just not my style.

I looked in the mirror, fully anticipating that he would pull a u-ey and come after me. NOT. He proceeded on - no turning, no speed, no lights. Just like he was out on a Sunday morning drive. NOW - perhaps one could say - he wasn't flashing you, or perhaps he was rushing back to change shifts...whatever. I feel like it was a moment of grace and I am so thankful.

His flash of light. His turning on his swirling red and blue lights. That was sufficient to this daydreaming "Sunday driver". Immediately I was so thankful. Immediately I made sure that I drove the speed limit all the rest of the way in. Immediately I thought of how I was just the recipient of grace, and I was deeply thankful and humbled.

Hmmm..... do I feel the same way when God shows me grace? Do I feel the same way when the Holy Spirit nudges me about something I know I should slow down on, or stop altogether. Do I feel the same way about extending grace to those around me?

Grace - (Christian theology) the free and unmerited favor or beneficence of God; "God's grace is manifested in the salvation of sinners"; "there but for the grace of God go I" ; a state of sanctification by God; the state of one who is under such divine influence;

Seems that God uses these "teachable life moments" to teach me about Him. Thank you Lord. All I knew yesterday was that I WAS GUILTY and that the RCMP OFFICER EXTENDED GRACE! That is totally God and I! God the Father - loved us so much that He sent his son - Jesus to die for me on the cross - He died and three days later rose again - and now today - I live with the Holy Spirit within me and filling me with the same resurrection power. Last week we talked alot about the Trinity! About the relationship Father - Son and Holy Spirit. About the dance as it were between the three and the dance that we are invited to! Grace - really is all about dancing with the Trinity!! Dancing because I have been loved, my sin has been forgiven, and I have been covered by the most amazing grace. And - there is the glorious hope of living eternally with the Trinity. What a day that will be - when my Jesus I shall see! What a dance I have to look forward to!!

Grace on a Sunday afternoon. Grace - through Jesus. GRACE!

Posted on Monday, October 19, 2009


Ron said...

Interesting thoughts on Grace. I will look for ways God has shown
Grace to me (the Cross is a Biggie). I think the Trinity is glad when we recognize the 'little' acts of Grace as well. It seems like making it a habit to look for acts of Grace will shift my focus from the pain in my life to Jesus.

Joy said...

Ron - thanks for your comment - and hey - blessings to you my friend. I was so glad to be able to hear some of your story - and to see the ways God has been working - keep living in the grace my friend - only the Grace of God gives us the ability to keep our heads up in the face of adversity! Hope you got home to your state safe and sound! What else is new with you?