Friday, December 3

alone on a Friday night.... at my "special place"

It is Friday night - after seven thirty and I am hanging out in my favorite place - and I am alone.  Alvin is working his second night (of two) and me - I got home from work (thanks to my daughter Ashley who picked me up) and I then took Alvin to work, went to work-out at Curves, went to the store and now came here. I love coming here - because I can drink good coffee and use their free Internet.  You see - right now we are "hanging our hats" at Mom K's condo.  It is a long story - so I will give you the bottom line.  We had to be out of the loft for a couple days while some things were being done.  It has been a little longer than we thought, so each time we make a trip back from the loft to the condo - we seem to have "just one more bag" of stuff. 

Living in Mom's condo has been very interesting.  You see, it still smells like Mom's place - especially as I mentioned before - I could smell the TIDE as it wafted out of the storage room.  I think I will always think of Mom now when I smell TIDE (the powdered type).  In fact today, I got into the car at the end of my shift, and Ashley said - "Mom, you smell like Grandma's condo"  And I realized it was because most of the clothing I had on, including my jacket - had been washed in that powdered TIDE.  Funny how "smells" remind us of people/places and times!

So - like I said we are living at Mom's for the time being.  It is still full of Mom's furniture and household goods.  Of course the hospital bed, and other things are gone - but everywhere we look - there is just evidence of her.  It actually has been good for us to be there as it has helped us to bring closure to the reality of her being gone. 

In the meantime - my sister-in-law Ruth - had the cable and the Internet and the phone all cutoff.  Which means it is very quiet at Mom's.  And that is why I am here checking email.  I did get a phone call from my good friends Betty and Willy and they are planning to come and have coffee here in a while.  So I won't be alone much longer.

It is sort of weird when Alvin works nights - actually I use those nights to catch up on whatever I want to.  Sometimes meeting with girl-friends... or with my kids... or just hanging out and watching a good movie!

Today was a fun day - and a day FULL of learning.  I picked Alvin up at the hall this morning at seven fifteen and then he drove me to work - for seven forty-five.  I was going out on my first "mobile" and by 8 am was in a van with other women - heading for Windsor Park school.  I am training with an amazing woman - whom I have loved getting to know.  Her name is Lynne.  I was telling Alvin as we drove to my workplace that I am LOVING MY JOB!!

This is the first job in a very very long time - that I do not "take home" with me.  I kept being told that I would love being a Donor Services Rep - but I didn't know how much.   I am so thankful that God provided this for me.  So very thankful!!

Anyhow - just got called - and my friends and I are not having more coffee - but instead we are going to a great little joint on Main Street for supper.... so I am outta here!
Have a great evening!  I know that I am!

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