Saturday, December 18

Happy First Birthday Sweet One

Everett John

My little sweet boy
my grandson
do you know how much I love you?
of course not
you are just barely ONE!
A mixture of your mommy and daddy
with bits of your grandparents mixed in
your blue eyes sparkle at the wonder around you
and your serious look morphs into a smile readily and easily.

O sweet one - my second grandson
Everett John
how your granny and poppa love you
We watch you walking
and wonder where the time went
the last year has moved along
and your birth brought us so much joy
our hearts overflow!

Little One
you love to snuggle
and play peek a boo
coming quickly to look around the corner and find us
you love your toys
and we notice how much you are learning more with each new day
you are a living breathing miracle little one
made in the image of God - whom we hope you grow up to love and trust fully

Little sweet Everett
Your name means "brave one"
and it is my prayer little One, that you will live boldly,
and that God will use you in life - for His glory
It is my prayer that you will live boldly
and that you will be "dangerous" for Jesus
meaning that you will not be satisfied to live complacently
or comfortabley
or just settle for status quo
but that you my sweet Grandson,
will give your life to Jesus, and live all out for HIM.

Dear Little One
I love to hold you
and play "Round and Round the Garden went the Teddy Bear"
I love to sing Jesus Loves Me
and The Birdies in the Treetop
You love music
You settle against me as I sing
or you bend your knees and move to the music!
music makes you dance!
I love that!

Today we watched as you opened your gifts
as you looked at us
wondering what occasion had us all in the same place
and not realizing that it was YOU we were celebrating.
O Little one - you are a gift to us

You sweet one
are so loved
so very

Happy Birthday Everett John!

love Granny

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