Thursday, December 9

only my Heavenly Father can love like that!

It is Thursday - although it seems like Friday. I am at Mountain Bean again... you know, I am needing free Internet again.  I am seriously thinking about buying the little portable thingy you pay for monthly and use for Internet.  Have to inquire about that.  The other day we were so desperate to get the emails - and for some reason it was not happening at the Bean.  I realize how much I love checking into the Internet!

It has been a full week of learning for me.  I have learned how to take blood for WHATS YOUR TYPE .. and the next day went to a school and typed kids.  That was fun. Yesterday I went on a mobile for a Blood Clinic and each time I learn something new.  I am loving my job.... absolutely LOVING IT.  I am also loving the people that I am meeting.  I think I am catching on - but I am convinced it is because of the good training I have received from Lynne and Debbie. 

On Tuesday after I got back from the school - I decided to donate.  I was not sure if I could because I had travelled, but Cabos San Lucas is not a risk area.  I had prepared for donating (unlike the time before) and this time my blood "flowed like a river" she said.  There is something amazing about donating... I am pretty new at it - but each time I work I see cards from people that have donated ALOT...
When Mom was in hospital - watching the life blood drip through her IV into her veins - it just really struck me how important donating is.  I am also a pretty rare blood type - B neg.  Each day I am learning more and more about blood donations - so I really encourage you to donate too!!  Did you know each bag of donated blood can help save 3 lives!!

So today is Thursday - and I have a few things to do - and places to go.  The weather outside is not so nice - our Michael will be shoveling again.  But this is December - and well - we have had enough snow already to last us the whole winter! 

I have been so conscious over the past two or so weeks since we have been living at Mom's temporarily - that some of my life is still a little out of order - for instance my journalling time - and my Quiet Time with the Lord.  Yesterday though, I was early to work, and actually sat in the parkade for a little while - and God seemed to direct my thoughts to Hosea chapter 11.  (Yes Hosea) The chapter was titled "THE LORD'S LOVE FOR ISRAEL" and as I read - I just couldn't help but feel that God was saying - "this is for you too"

What did I glean yesterday, sitting in the parkade with my Bible?  (chapter 11 - verses 1 - 4)
Well - it says, "When Israel was a child, I loved him and called my son out of Egypt."   God says that "I myself taught Israel how to walk, leading him along by the hand."  "I led Israel along with my ropes of kindness and love."  "I lifted the yoke from his neck and I myself stooped to feed him."

But even though God loved Israel SO much.... like a Father loves a child - Israel didn't get it.  It says that "the more I called to him, the farther he moved from me." and that even though God Himself taught Israel how to walk - "But he doesn't;t know or even care that it was I who took care of him."   The bottom line - Israel walked away, and refused to return to God!"

Hmmm.... got me thinking.  There have been times when I have called out to God - cried out - and have known where God has led, intervened, carried me... but there are other times when I can get going on my merry way - and try to do things myself, in my own strength - oh silly me!!  It is usually those times that my life gets busy - and the first things that get pushed aside are my QT with the Lord - and then things just feel messy.  I NEED time with Him.  I know that.  SO why do I always seem to get into these ruts of neglecting Him?

I know how much I love my kids - and my grandsons.  I also know how I feel when I haven't seen my family for a while - or how much I miss talking with them.  Hmm... guess my Heavenly Father feels that way too!
He desires relationship with me - and with you too!

Reading the rest of Hosea 11 however - brings such comfort - as I see the Father's heart continue to bleed love and compassion over his children - even though they are far from Him.  He can not let them go!  It says in verse 8b that "My heart is torn within me, and my compassion overflows."  He is not mortal like us - BUT it says, verse 9b "I am the Holy One living among you,"

Ah, the love of my Father - draws me right up onto His lap again - and when I lay my head against His chest - I feel and I hear His heart beating....
What love - what absolute love!

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