Friday, December 10

blessed.... truly, truly blessed

I have been thinking about being a granny - and how this is one of the best things in the world! In fact - while parenting my own kids was wonderful... there is something different about grandparenting!  My dad used to have a license plate holder that said - "If I had known grandchildren were so much fun - I would have had them first!"

After work - I headed out to Josh and Leah's to have a quick supper with Leah and Everett and then our little sweet boy and I watched his mommy head off to go and help a friend, and we settled down to some good playtime!

With him walking now - he is just so aware of his surroundings.  Life absolutely delights our little grandson!  I love seeing him taking it all in.  He is showing me the "wow" in life, and whenever I am with him - I am always brought back to what my priorities are. God has blessed me with amazing children, and now grandchildren.  And while we dream and imagine our little Jay running in heaven ... we miss him so much here on earth.  Alvin and I have often seen children whom we assume are about Jay's age - at this point, 2.5 years of age.  And our eyes fill with tears without either of us saying a word.  The heart knows. 
And in a week we will celebrate Everett's first birthday and as we look back we see how he has filled our life with joy - with each gurgle - each giggle - each new stage - new move - and now with seeing him light up with excitement as he recognizes us and runs to us to be lifted up.  Oh what joy.

Tonight we ate - we played - we played some more.  We changed him into his jammies - brushed his teeth - read a book - sang - prayed and laid him in his bed.  As I held him, and he nestled his head onto me - it just felt wonderful.  He loves to be held and I love to hold him.  That is one of the best feelings in the world.

I am blessed.... truly truly blessed.

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*~Christine~* said...

Came across your blog. Looks very positive, love that! Keep it up!