Wednesday, February 23


For some reason today - I have been thinking about "Hands" ... guess it started as I was thinking about work YESTERDAY and about my shift TOMORROW.  Both shifts will involve some time doing "What's Your Type" where we go into a place (or yesterday a class of kids came into the centre) and we spend time blood-typing them.  A procedure that takes less than 3 minutes per person, and they walk away with a band aid on their finger and a card that tells them their blood type.  It is actually very interesting.

Anyhow - yesterday I typed 14 kids that came in - and this morning I was thinking back to that.  When people are nervous they always seem to have cold hands.  I know when I used to get up to preach - my hands would be cold.  However what I have found is that when their hands are cold - it is harder to get that drop of blood!!  As each kid came and sat down on the other side facing me - they would give me their hand, and I would take it in mine.  The odd cold one, I would put both of my hands around theirs and say - "Ohhhh you've got some cold hands there - gotta warm them up a little" and at least get a smile out of them.  (it is amazing how nervous these kids can get over getting their finger pricked.)

Today as I was thinking of hands - I realized that I had a massage booked with my friend Trudy. (who teaches Massage at the college).  When I went today - God used her hands to bring renewal to me.  As usual with her - we talk.  It was good - I haven't had the chance to be there in a while - and it is hard to get an appointment.  So we had some catching up to do!  I believe that God uses Trudy's hands through which to relay HIS healing touch.  I know that sometimes she just lays her hands on me - and prays.  I have that sense... I love that we can spend the time together, and I can talk/she can talk/and it is a life-giving hour in many many ways!  Her hands are healing hands.

I sometimes get a foot massage from my husband.  Now - that man has working hands.  Sometimes people look at them, and I am sure they are wondering if he EVER washes his hands!!  They have "work" ground into them... and they have a nicks and scratches.  Actually, they only time they come perfectly clean is when we go away on holidays and he spends time in a pool!! But Alvin's hands - they are strong, strong hands... hands that are kind, loving, extra hard working, going the extra mile. 

I look at my hands, and wonder when they got so old looking.  Slightly wrinkled, with some sunspots happening.  I think of what happens with my hands.  Today they put together another "traditional" birthday cake, they carried groceries, they washed dishes, they made meals, they opened mail, they rested during my massage, they carried coffee into Josh and Leah's house in the city, they picked up my little grandson, and well - they are typing this now.  I imagine they will get more wrinkled, and more sun-kissed, but they will continue to reach out to others as long as God gives me the strength.

I love taking pictures of my little grandson Everett's hands and toes.  He has been doing some "signing" and has lately gotten quite good at signing "more" with his hands.  He also uses his little pointer finger quite well to show us what exactly he wants!  His little hands are soft but already strong.  What will those little hands grow up to do?  Only God knows that, but it has been my prayer that God would grow Everett up to love HIM and to be a strong and mighty man of God! 

Ashley took a picture of Mom Klassen - of her hands.  They are strong, weathered, worn.  We always laughed and said that Mom would rub VICKS on you and exfoliate you at the same time - they were a little rough!  Mom's hands have become a symbol of dedication to a prayer life and walk with God.  I have been thinking alot lately about her.... I miss her.

I know that in my life - I will continue to serve God with all that I am - with all that I have - as long as he gives me breath and strength.  Who knows what these hands will do... as long as I am willing.
Sun-kissed and wrinkled - God can still use them!  Tomorrow as I type people again at work - there will be more hands...

O Lord - continue to use me - and make me a vessel of your love, your peace,  your grace!  Amen.

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