Sunday, February 20

Happy Birthday Photo Tribute to my Birthday Guy!!

 Sept. 2, 1978 - 20 years old
 Valentine's Day - 2010
 2010  birthday - celebrated at Pineridge Hollow
 Walking the land together at Anola - Winter, 2009
Gingerbread House Decorating with the kids - December 2008 
Celebrating Alvin's birthday with Everett - Feb 2010
Last "portrait" taken of family on the land in Anola.  Everett is there as a "baby bump"
Fall - 2009
Alvin and I at the lake... Thanksgiving, 2008
summer 2007

cutting wood - winter 2009
Josh, Mike and Alvin - the "boys"

Alvin and I when we went to the Mark Center in Abbotsford, BC
October 2008
Poppa and Ev
Alvin with his girls!
Alvin and I - Cuba 2007
Alvin and just another day of fighting fires and rescuing cats!!!    Picture from Winnipeg Free Press

Rather small picture - but this is Alvin and I at the age of 17 and very in love !!!    :)
My man - not just an amazing HUSBAND and love of my life, but also a cowboy...
world traveller!

Alvin at Niagara Falls Feb 2011
Friend to many...
A wonderful son...
Pretty darn cute baby!!  (looks like our Everett!)
He is a supporter of our vision
Extremely hard worker....
Amazing Poppa!!
Never a dull moment when the camera is out!
Happy Birthday to my sweetheart - Alvin Gerhard Klassen
We have come a long way together ...
Looking forward to the rest of life together.
I love you.


Michael said...

those are some great shots of dad!!

Michael said...

apparently i'm logged in as michael's email, but that was from ash!