Monday, February 28

random thoughts on the last monday in february

the sound of my husband getting out of bed
morning is still young
the sun is just trying to rise
kind of like myself
not an early riser ~ but wishing i was

the weather channel checked
he slips back into bed
for one last snuggle
giving me five more minutes until my feet hit the cold floor
will i ever like winter?

the sound of the coffee running down into the pot
and the smell of it - hitting my nostrils
ummmm coffee
rich, bold, one of the best things about morning

the next half hour is full of activity
getting dressed
giving my man a quick haircut
getting some of his stuff together for his night shift tonight
and eating miniwheats together

the neighbor's dog (Copper) barks in the yard next door
soon he won't come to say hi to me when i am out
i will miss his friendly dog-face :)

the sound of his truck leaving the driveway
a driveway that we will not be parking in for much longer
a wave of sadness fills me
another transition
another chapter in our nomadic life these days
and well ~ it is all okay

dishes on the table waiting to be cleared
dishes by the sink waiting to be washed
bible study lessons waiting to be finished for tonight's study
and packing
i need to begin packing up our stuff
not that there is much
but whatever we brought to this loft will need to be packed up
i don't think i will ever enjoy packing
but it has to be done

the day calls
while still early, there is a list of things to be done
while i would love to procrastinate
that does not solve anything
gotta just get going

think my bible study will be first
seems like my coffee would go well with that
and who knows ... i may just get a little visit in with my grandson and kids.
that in itself would make my day
oh, and before bible study tonight is supper together with my other kids
this day - with all its stuff
is going to be mighty fine
Mighty FINE!!

thank you Lord for this day - for the sun that shines - for the ability to experience life around me - knowing that you have it all under your control.  I love you and thank you for my life - for my family - for all that today will hold.  Amen.

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