Monday, February 7

craziness at times

I can't believe it - it is the 7th of February and this is my first post of the month.  It isn't because nothing has been happening, because it has.  It isn't because I haven't wanted to write - because I have wanted to.  But I just don't know - I have just been working alot it seems (all good though) and I have also been tired.  I still seem to be trying to regain the momentum of reentering the working world!  It seems the older I get - the longer some things take.

The past few weeks - have been full of new working experiences, including an overnight mobile.  They have also contained many coffees with friends - many suppers made for friends coming over - many lunches made for the boys (because even if I am at work - I still need to leave something for the workers!).  And yet - I am so tired. 

I feel like the emotional tiredness is getting better.  There has been huge weights lifted from Alvin and I as we have made a decision on where to attend church.  And the most unlikely place for us has become the place we have chosen to go to.  Choosing to leave a church family that has been your "family" for 32 years - is NOT an easy thing believe me - but well, it is just complicated, let me put it that way. 

I know the emotional causes physical stuff - I am well aware of that.  But in the midst of all of it - there is a peace and we just know God is bringing about healing bit by bit. 

We have also made a decision to travel first of all - to see my sister and brother-in-law when they come to Niagara Falls, and we have also booked a cruise with friends to Alaska.  (we are pumped about this and so I am really hoping that I can get the time off). 

I have also begun the Beth Moore Bible Study on David -- and let me tell you - I am always eager to do the study - even if it takes about 40 minutes a day.  There is nothing like being in the Word of God!!  I missed last Monday night because I worked late - so I am looking forward to going tonight.

I have stepped up my exercise again - and enjoyed my first Curves ZUMBA class (zumba combined with the stations).  LOVED IT!

And today - (and I should be getting going!) I am joining my girls for a Spa Day - lunch, massage and pedicures at the spa at Inn at the Forks.  OOOooooo..... I can hardly wait.  Pampering will feel wonderful!

Sometimes life is crazy
you know that too -
but in the midst of craziness
i know that HE IS...
MY GOD loves me - and carries me - and holds me.
He IS GOD over all .... even the craziness of life!

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