Friday, January 28


Today is Friday - and looking back - it feels like I have not "accomplished much" (i.e. housework) HOWEVER I enjoyed my day, which began with a short visit to the "neighbors" house.... no fooling you - you know that my neighbors are my kids Josh, Leah and grandson Everett.  I had been out on a mobile clinic with work (the first overnight clinic I have done since starting with CBS) and we got home close to midnight.  SO... it was nice to just chill today - as I could not believe how tired this old girl was! I guess I am just not used to that!

The mobile was good - we went to Altona and then Winkler.  I learned alot of things (and as I was teasing some of them, I learned alot of the "informal rules" of travelling with a bus full of people!)  What a great gang of people I work with.  I am slowly learning the names of the clinical assistants and nurses!

It was an interesting thing - as both clinics were housed in MB churches.  And, the weird thing was that even though I am no longer a paid pastor - I still felt like I was "home" ... not sure - does that make sense?
I guess it was some of the commonality that I saw/felt/sensed... as I looked at church lay-out - church bulletin boards - church ministries - church bulletins...  Guess the "MB thing in me runs deep!"

Today - being Friday - I am at home - warm and toasty even if it did snow... and snow... and snow....
Did I say snow?? 

I have enjoyed a few cups of good bold strong coffee...a few hugs from my kids ... and a few cuddles and kisses with my grandson - my sweet boy Everett.  I have enjoyed lunch at home with my man.  I have enjoyed hearing the joy in his voice as he has talked about the house moving ahead.  I have looked at the fluffy snowflakes coming down - and marvelled again at how creative our God is.  I have baked some banana bread, washed dishes, loaded pictures on the blog for the ministry.  I have just had a restful day and I realized pretty early in the day that I am just plain  HAPPY


christine said...

once you've been to winkler, you're never quite the same again! :)

Joy said...

Hey Christine - Winkler has turned out some beautiful people!! (such as yourself). It was so fun to see you and Kent a little on Josh's phone yesterday morning. Is Kent always so perky in the morning. He would do well with Alvin!!

Phoebe said...

And this my friend has made me happy :)