Tuesday, January 11

"I can tell you like your job!"

Today was a short day for me at my job.  I began at 3:45 and ended at 8:30 pm.  The clinic was open until 8.  I was working at the front desk - checking people into their appointments for donating blood.  A young man came - and his mom (who drove him) was sitting in the front foyer waiting for him.  She could have hung out in the canteen - but instead sat in the front close to the reception desk.

As people came in - I greeted them, thanked them for coming, and just "shot the breeze" with them (you know, chatted).  It is interesting to see who comes, and what their response is.  You would think that people donating would be doing it happily.  Yes, it is scary for some - but no one is dragging you in - it is your choice.  But some are just not too talkative.  However - others are.

I am finding myself totally inspired by those who come to donate.  It is such a life-giving gift! After I checked a couple into their appointment slots - the woman sitting in the foyer close by said to me.  "I can tell you like your job!"  She kind of took me off guard - as she had been sitting there so quietly I almost forgot she was there.  I smiled and said, "Yes, I love it!"  She said, "You can tell!"

Just the other day I said to Alvin - how much I loved working for Canadian Blood Services.  I am surrounded by great people (donors and staff) and well - what more can I say.  I am so thankful that God provided this job for me - long story - but one day perhaps you can ask me.  This job was totally God-given.

Gotta run - I am back to work early in the am - going to hit the sack!

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Jeannette said...

So, so thankful with you that you enjoy your job. What a gift!