Thursday, January 6

the picture

This morning - I was in a hurry to leave.  But my car would not start.  So, I took off my coat, and decided to hang out with God.  Me - and Him = Quiet Time.  I am still trying to get my QT in first thing in the morning.  I know enough at my age, that when I begin the day with God - everything just goes better.  Anyhow - yes, the car would not start - so it gave me the morning to sit, read, journal, pray, talk and listen!  And God never disappoints during this time together.

I am going through a book that I went through YEARS ago - called THIRSTING AFTER GOD.  We are going through Isaiah 35.  It is not a big chapter, but one that is packed full. (like all of Scripture is).  So today - the focus was on verse 7 which talked about the "parched land" coming to life with water quenching it.  I began to think of what it means to be parched.  I wondered aloud in my journal, whether this word describes my soul (often). It seems that sometimes the "heat" in my life just overtakes me and leaves me dry (extremely dry) and lifeless (looking dead) and very crusty like the soil that has not gotten water in a very long time. 

Of course this led me to ask - what in my life has made me dry, and cracked and parched?  After all - I know that only God brings LIVING WATER into my being!!

I wrote in my journal entry:  "I thirst .. O Lord please fill me."
And then, like God often does with me - He gave me a "picture". 
(I love it when God does this to help me understand something He is trying to give to me!)

the picture:
I see a woman standing under a waterfall with the water streaming down onto her face.  She is standing in all her clothes and her head is faced up toward the falling water.  Her eyes are closed.  Her arms are up as if to catch even more of the living and refreshing water.  There is a serene look on her face. 

In my journal I wrote:  O Lord, this is me -
fill me to overflowing
wash over me with your living water
Please Lord - please.

I know that like Isaiah's scripture says - that God IS the one who can bring new life into parched land.  He renews, refuels, refreshes.  He is also healer.

I know that often the "pictures" God gives to me - have to be mulled over so that I can get all of what he is saying to me.  So - you know what is in my thoughts today.  

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