Sunday, January 23

My Son - Joshua Gerald

Yesterday was my son's birthday (well - I should say "our" son :)
I have had a hard time getting on the Internet lately, since my grandson figured out where the box was for the Internet!  Josh and Leah moved it so that he wouldn't be touching it/unplugging it, etc... and that explained why all of a sudden our Internet (we share theirs) wasn't working!  Since I could not post this Friday, the 21sat - I am posting it now!

 The beginning stages of assembling the traditional Klassen family Birthday Coffee Cake!


 alot of whipped cream .... Aero "bubbles" and voila - the cake is assembled -
7 layers and LOTS of coffee flavored whipping cream!
 It is easier to eat at home so that Everett can enjoy the time too! So I ask the kids for their "menu" and then I buy/prepare their favorite dish for the birthday meal.  Josh ordered crepes.
Ashley made a couple recipes of the crepes at home.  Alvin cooked them up!
Ashley whipped up some more whipping cream to be used on the crepes.
Everett wanted to be where the action was!
 Our little Ev.... the life of the party!  Like Father - like Son!
 We sang happy birthday and returned to the table for coffee, coffee cake and...

 birthday present opening!
 The later - Josh tried his technique at making balloon animals.
 Joshua - 10 months
Happy Birthday to my First Born - my son Josh

Where has the time gone - the years ...
When I think back - it seems like yesterday
That we heard your first cry,
and held you for the first time.
At the time we could only dream of what your future held
We could only dream of what God would do in your life
Somehow then, dreams were numerous, especially as you decided what you wanted to do in life
A firefighter like Dad...
A Youth Pastor and perhaps the prime minister!
Well - you accomplished two of three!

Where has the time gone -
As I look at you - and recall the times that I would fall asleep by you on your little bed
Or when I would make your teddy "Ricky Klassen" TALK to you about what happened during the day
He was your close friend!
Years ago I would watch you as you slept
And thank God for you.
I would dry tears
Kiss boo-boos
Cheer at hockey games
Sit in the bleachers at baseball games.

I remember reading to you
Singing to you
Hugging you
Telling you I loved you (which I still do now!)

I tucked away letters that I wrote to you
As well as cherished letters you wrote to me!
I loved how you verbally processed "life"
And I also loved how you were able to sit and talk to me about hard stuff

You are my son "all grown up"
With an amazing wife -
And a family.
You have walked in joy, as well as in intense grief
I have watched, wept with, prayer with and for you
I have carried you in my heart day after day
And always will.

You are my son
I love watching you with Everett
I see the love in your eyes
I recognize it
A parent's love for their child.

That will always be
My love for you dear Son.
I love you more than yesterday but less than tomorrow!
You are a gift to us - from God.
Happy Birthday (Friday) to my amazing Son.
Joshua Gerald
I love you.

love Mom

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