Sunday, January 23

Did the walls come down with the wind? NOT

Today is a blustery day.  During the night, as I was snuggled under the quilt (in between hot flashes when the quilt quickly gets peeled back) I could hear the wind just howling!  When Alvin got up, as the night had just turned into day - Alvin decided that he was going to go and make sure the walls were still standing on the house.  YES.... wooohooooo ~ I said the "walls"!  Yesterday the walls were delivered.  Alvin had gotten the walls "prefabbed" by a company in Blumenort called Integra Systems (I think it is called Systems).  Integra is owned by a guy named Leon.  Alvin figured it was worth the money to get someone else to pre-fab the walls - and so yesterday they were delivered with a big truck/crane.

When I got there with some hot chocolate for the boys (yesterday it was Alvin, Mike, Brennan outside, and Mike inside doing the drywall taping in the loft).  It was exciting to see!  They put about half of the first floor walls up before they finished for the day yesterday.  It was a very cold day to be doing this - but I think the joy of actually working with the walls - warmed them!!  Alvin took some pictures before I came - of the truck/crane etc.  and then I took a couple more.  There were smiles all around!

Last night Alvin and I were talking about the timing of it all.  As a family - some decisions have been made - and we are 100% for them but the thing is, they have slowed down the pace that Alvin is used to be working at.  Anyone who knows Alvin, knows that in the past - he works (sometimes a little too much) to get the job done "yesterday".  Whether this is a fault or not - it is the reality.  I saw this work ethic in his dad and mom too.  They worked hard, and then when they finally sat down, they often fell asleep because they were tired!  Hard work seemed to energize them.  Now - my parents worked hard too - don't get me wrong - but it was not as "physical" as what I saw Alvin's parents do.
So for Alvin to s-l-o-w down on this build has been a hard thing.  And well - the reality is, he sometimes doesn't know how to explain why they are still working on the same thing they were working on a week or two ago!  (maybe this is our own pride issue, and if so - God is working on it with us)

Anyhow - last night we were driving home from having coffee with our dear friend Kim and Kevin.  We decided to drive by the land, as we often pick that route on the way home.  I was talking about how sometimes we think we are making decisions that affect our work/or in this case our building project but that I feel that NOTHING - is outside the scope of God's timing, and that His timing is ON TIME.
We really do want to continue to hold the build very loosely in our upturned hands.... continually giving it to God one day at a time.  HIS project being built through US.    For me - that brings comfort and peace knowing God is at work - and that this is a process that He is using to change us - refine us - speak to us - prepare us for HIS work, His ministry in the future.

Alvin said he doesn't know what to say to people when they ask "So when do you expect to be in the house?"  Reality is that we originally thought we would be living in part of the house by now - as we worked in it.  We were fully prepared to living in a room  - and to live sort of "make shift" so that Alvin would just be able to work whenever he had a chance.  SO our timing - well - it is so totally off at this point that the best answer is just - "we are not sure."  But then again - as I said - we are learning how to trust God on the timing.  Perhaps you could pray with us about that.  Alvin ~ being the main builder - likely finds this harder, than I do.  Reality is - God began laying this ministry on our hearts in 2000 ...
so perhaps He is saying to us.... "a year is but a blink to me - so why are you rushing and impatient?  just trust me."

I could hardly wait to get some new pictures to post... so here they are!  We are thrilled with this new stage!  Now - hopefully the weather turns a little nicer this week!  Oh ya - and this morning - early - when Alvin went and checked on the walls - they were still standing!  The boys had braced them securely ... we are thankful.

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