Wednesday, March 23

how can it be ~ my "baby" turns 26 today

Happy Birthday Ashley Marie!

Twenty-six years ago - my baby girl was born at 4:20 pm.  She made her way into the world (almost beating her dad her was parking the car!)  Exactly 30 minutes after I got in the front doors of St. Boniface Hospital, they broke my water and the resident intern delivered our little pumpkin who wasted NO TIME coming into the world to meet her dad and I.  (Yes, he did make it in time - barely... )
Our daughter - Ashley Marie.  When I was pregnant with her - it was the times where you did not get an ultrasound unless there were some complications.  I had a "GP"  ~ no midwives, no doulas, no obgyn, just the plain old general practitioner!  And I may add - no drugs - completely natural childbirth! 
I was expecting for the second time, and big brother Josh was so excited.  When Josh was born we had only ONE name - and it was the one he was given.  When Ashley was born - we had only ONE name and it was the one she was given.  With both babies - we were so sure that we would have the sex of the child that matched the name we had chosen.  God did not disappoint us in that regard - and with a daughter, her truly gave us the desire of our hearts to round out our family.  We knew we desired two children.

It seems yesterday in some ways - and raising our daughter was a wonderful experience.  Yes, we noticed early on - that she had what we refer to as the "Klassen strong-will" although I think that honestly, she came by that from both sides the THOMAS side too!  I have watched her grow and realize how much she is like me - and how much she is like her dad!  Early in life - she had him head over heels in love with his girl.  Funny how that works - out comes the little ones and the parents are completely smitten! 

Ashley loved to be with "JOSHIE" ... she is the only one that could actually call him that and get away with that although Grandma K. tried!  She would do almost anything he told her to do - and she loved to be with him in all his antics.  She laughed at his jokes, and tried to make her own - often saying "how come everyone laughs and Josh and no ones laughs at my jokes!"  She makes us laugh alot now.  From the time she just began to count - she thought the number 5 was HUGE and would always tell me - I LOVE YOU 5!  We still say that!

I love the gifting I see in my sweet girl.  I love that she is passionate about Jesus.  I love that she is able to express herself and share and touch lives.  I love that she has a strong sense of what she wants to do and goes after it.  She loves her friends - and she loves her family.  She is an auntie SECOND TO NONE!!  She has creativity and talent unlimited in many areas of her life.  I know that she is also one who gives and gives.  She is loyal to her friends and family - and easily and quickly forgives.  She loves deeply ~ her sweet husband, and us - and her friends. 

I am often challenged by her words and thoughts ~
often moved by her writings and her songs ~
I am wrapped and covered in her love, her forgiveness and her grace
I am her mom, and I thank God for that privilege, that responsibility, that gift of a sweet daughter entrusted to me years ago!

We have called her many nicknames since she was a baby...
Pumpkin, Pumpy, Ash, Ashes (and many more that her dad has)
But most of all - I call her my baby girl - my daughter, my friend
My sweet sweet daughter. 
Sweet One - I love you to the moon and back.
I love you 5555555555555555555555555555

Happy Birthday Sweet One!

love mom
5555555555555555555555555555555555 and even more!

ps  if I could I would post some pictures of Ashley Marie
but as I am doing this on the free internet at Mountain Bean - it does not allow me to

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ashleymarie said...

i always look forward to your post about me on my birthday! i love you lots & i'm so thankful you are my mom! here is to the next 26 years :)