Friday, March 25

"too pooped to pop!"

Before I go into today's post - I want to say a huge thanks to my daughter Ashley - who put together my new "header" on my blog.  The first picture is of Springfield Road - the one that I walked, talked, laughed, prayed, brainstormed and cried on as I walked both alone and with my family.  The next picture is of our family - taken in Anola in fall of 09.  The next one is of the altar that God urged me to build - to "give up"  "Lay down" stones that I would then mark as steps of my journey.  This altar was constructed the last fall that I lived in Anola - and many stones made up the same thing.  It is my place of laying down my life in order to glorify my Lord!! The last picture - well - you know.... it is my little grandson Everett.  I am a blessed Granny with two grandsons.  Thanks Ashley for doing this for me since I am "challenged" on the computer!

We had a song that we taught kids in daycare - it was called "I'm too pooped to pop!"  It went like this.  We would tell the kids to get curled up like a little ball - or a little kernel of popcorn.  We explained that when things got hot - they would sizzle and then begin to pop.

Then we sang,
"I'm too pooped to pop, and I'm not lying.
I'm too pooped to pop and I'm just lying here frying.
The salt is ready and the butter is hot
But Baby I'm just too pooped to pop!"

(at this point each kid would scream "POP" and jump up! 

Well.  Today is Friday and Baby, I am too pooped to pop!  Today I feel like my years are catching up to me!  (and yet I still think I am so young!)  I have worked every day this week EXCEPT my baby girl's birthday.  But that day was full too with many things including some shopping, Ash and I got our noses pierced together, and then we celebrated with a yummy steak dinner around the table at Josh, Leah and Everett's. 

I made a resolve to get going on the re-commitment to eat healthy - and it has been a week!!  YAHOO... usually I give in to the sugar craving right about day 3!  (I am reading the book "Made to Crave" and it has really brought some light onto the situation regarding my struggle with weight!)

I joined a 30 day fitness challenge at Curves and have worked out regularly!  Today I went home and changed after work - and was able to see Alvin and walk down with him as he was leaving on his night shift.  I said "I am going to go to Curves now because if I don't go now - it just isn't going to happen!"  So I went to Curves and "applied myself" to my work-out and was so glad with the results tonight.

I work tomorrow .... bright and early.  And then, I will be able to "breathe easier" for a little while again.  I love my job but this week - it was just a little much.  I think that I need to NOT take every shift that people want to give away! 

Anyhow - this has been a good week - and a week of deep thoughts, laughter, coffee shared with friends, and good times with family!  Our little grandson Everett brought laughter and joy into our hearts as we watched him with the latest achievement ... now he "signs" PLEASE. And it is sooooo sweet.  The other night I laughed as he ran to me, gave me a big kiss - ran and gave his mommy a big kiss, turned around and ran back to me and gave me another big kiss ... he did this about 3 times!   It was also a week where we were able to meet with our YOUNG care group last Sunday (we love those "kids") and our NEW care group last night, as we gathered in the church kitchen and prepared a meal for Forward House.  It was a great time together. 

Weeks are full of all kinds of things - and I am so thankful that God gives me the senses to appreciate and enjoy life fully.  But for today - I think I am just going to say - G'night.  This gal is too pooped to pop and is going to make her way back to the condo!  Thinking a movie and some supper are in order!