Saturday, March 5

a wonderful thing this workplace of mine!

So yesterday I went to a potluck/staff meeting combination at my work place.  And even though it was planned for 4 pm on a Friday Evening (you have to know that I very rarely agree to anything individually if my husband is home on a Friday evening) it actually was f-u-n.  Normally anytime you combine business with pleasure - the "business" part is always the top-heavy portion and the food thrown either as a way to entice people to come to the meeting, or as a buffer, or as a way to foster "community" building. 

Anyhow - it was nice to come to work after hours and NOT have to pay for parking!!  (bonus!)  It was also nice to get to know co-workers better in a different setting.  When I started, I was told that it was one of the best jobs in the world.  Now I knew that not every job could be listed this way but I will tell you - this job is definitely one of the best in the world.  WHY?  Let me list a few reasons:
  • I get to work with amazing co-workers.  I have already come to see the unique and different personalities of each one, and at this point I have worked with all but one other Donor Services Rep (aka DSR) and I get to do that next week.
  • I was mentored with gentleness, kindness, love and grace.  Lynn was my first "mentor" who taught me the ins and outs of the system.  We laughed alot together and I love that.  Rose was my next "mentor" who took me through some of the most busiest days I have experienced (a day before Christmas was my first day "alone" and it was absolutely crazy and Rose was working reception that day - and well - she was so encouraging/affirming and I got through!)  I have also learned alot from the other DSR's and so each day has been good.  I also had a day when I felt really really bad.  I was working reception - and the charge nurse had told me that we would stop walk-ins as it was very very backed  up and the waiting time was about 1.5 hours. (compared to 45 min to an hour start to finish time).  But then the DSR came to give me my break and I rushed out for that (it had been a very busy day and I really valued my break that day) and I forgot to tell her the news that we could not take any walk-ins.  SO during the break, she took 3 more.... and well - it was only 3 but that really wasn't the point.  The point was that walk-ins were STOPPED regardless of whether it was 1 or 3 or 10!  AND I FORGOT TO TELL HER.  So, I felt incredibly bad when she told me she had been given a little talking to - and then as I settled back into the chair, the charge nurse came and talked with me.  FOR ME ~ the way she did this made the biggest impact.  (although it didn't really matter how she told me - when you feel bad, you feel B-A-D)  So over the next week - I looked to see if this particular nurse was working - and it was about 2 weeks later we finally worked together and I got to speak to her the words that were in my heart.  I told her that I had felt SO BAD that day for forgetting to pass the message on, and that I was so sorry about that BUT I also thanked her for being so gracious with me.  You see - she didn't have to be ... but her words, her body language spoke GRACE.  Let me tell you - not everyone does that or even understands grace.  But her grace to me spoke loud and clear.  I think when I told her this, it took her a little off guard, but I could tell it was a good thing and we chatted a little, and it was a good moment.
  • I get to work with tons of people!!  When I had resigned from my pastoral position and took a year off - that resignation was necessary.  BUT I missed interacting with people.  SO this job has me speaking with people, greeting them, putting them at ease, joking with them, hearing their stories etc.    I have met people I know from the past - like the one woman who looked at me and said - "Were you Sunshine the counsellor from Faith Bible Camp?" and when I looked at her I realized yes, I was HER counsellor.... now that was about 35 years ago!!  It is amazing what you hear when you are checking people in to donate!  I love the people. 
  • I get to leave work at work.  There is something about this that I do appreciate!
  • there is laughter!  I don't think I laugh as much as when I work with Rose and Lynn.  Honestly - it is just plain FUN.  (even in the craziest of times!) 
  • I am learning SO MUCH!!  I just can't say all that I have learned and have YET to learn!  Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks!   lol
  • I get to see and go places!  I have been in more schools and churches and community clubs than I would have thought.  I have done one two day trip out of Winnipeg, and have a 3 day trip to Fort Francis coming up.  I am seeing little communities that I have not been in ever, or for a while. 
  • I work with amazing VOLUNTEERS!!  Honestly, I think Canadian Blood Services has some great volunteers.  I know from my work within church that volunteers are SO IMPORTANT to how things are successful or not.  Thank goodness for people who still choose to volunteer their time!!
  • I have wonderful staff "over me" that really seem to care about how I am, how it is going, and about the job in particular.  And, they are very personable, and love to laugh too!  But they are also very good at helping us understand why we do and how we do things.  I am so thankful.
  • I have to say that our receptionist (her name is PINA) is second to none!!  If you come in to donate - you will find out for yourself why I think Pina is amazing.  Good with people, great personality, caring, compassionate, efficient and fun. 
I just really thank God for this job - honestly it is a gift from God.  The way I found it two days after I donated and said to my husband "I think I could do that job" ... and then by chance looked at the gov of Canada job bank and found it!!  The way I interviewed, and then didn't hear, and told my hairdresser that "well I guess it wasn't God's timing for me to get this job" and then not even ten minutes later got a call as I was sitting with a bag over my hair color, telling me they wanted to offer me the job.  The way that I was worried about HOW I would take a job with Mom being so sick and dying.... and then getting the call two days after Mom died.  All of these things I would say (if you know me well) are GOD-things!!
Which is why without a shadow of a doubt, I say - this job is a GIFT FROM GOD.

So last night as I looked over the people I work with ... as we ate together... as we talked over the business together... as we played games together just for fun... I knew I was in the right place for this time - and I really really am thankful!

I can't end this without putting in a plug for Canadian Blood Services - if you have never donated, please consider doing so.  As I was telling Alvin this morning (yep, working on that man to donate!) I said I am type B- and only 1.6% have blood like mine.  To which he replied "You are a pretty rare type" to which I replied for fun "Yep in more ways than one!!"  BUT all joking aside - being rare makes me even more thankful that there are people who donate so that if anything happened - there is blood for me.  (Hopefully I never need it - but other B-'s do!)  SO.... if you think you would like to donate - GET IN THERE!!!  I could even help you book an appointment!!   

Like the slogan goes - "Blood.  It's in you to give!"      Hope to see YOU soon.  (And hey - if you are reading this and you are a firefighter, paramedic or police officer - there is a challenge going on right now for the month of March!!) And no, I do not get paid for this advertisement!! 

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