Wednesday, March 30

gifts from today

the crispness of the early morning
a good place to work out with other women to help start off my day
a "cat nap" that morphed into a nap three hours long (seems my body needed that)
a chat over a hair color and cut
good thinking time as I drove to Anola and back
a few minutes to window shop
a kiss from my husband
texts and conversations with my kids
a chance to babysit tonight
playtime with my grandson
the smell of his freshly shampooed hair
watching Elmo sing "Elmo's Song"
reading his bedtime book, singing a song, praying with him and tucking him into bed
but first getting a "kiss for granny" from my little one
coffee is on
smells good
time to catch up with my husband
these are just some of the gifts from today!
thank you Lord!

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