Saturday, April 2

the simple things in life

"It seems we seldom allow ourselves time to enjoy the simple things in life:  natural landscapes, great conversation, a comfortable chair, and time to savor that perfect cup of coffee...."
this quote was taken from my coffee cup at Mountain Bean

I think that the people who came up with MOUNTAIN BEAN coffee shops, are onto the same thing that I have been seeking for a long time ~ the "simple things in life".  Who would have thought that my heart's desire is quoted on my take out coffee!!

The simple things in life!  Ahhh.... sometimes I wonder if I even KNOW what it means.  Years ago our care group at the time, studied a book, which in turn prompted us to begin doing mission trips.  I remember that when I came away from that trip - I wept.  My heart was changed.  Each time I do a mission trip - it is changed.  But somehow - years later ~ I am still "seeking".  What does it mean "the simple things in life".  Somehow my life just gets cluttered up with stuff.  It gets bogged down.  It gets stifled.  It gets messy.  And I still - years and years later long for the simple things in life!

I think I do get it, albeit slowly.  I am reading a book called A Thousand Gifts and I have to read and re-read the pages so that their essence soaks into my being.  She encourages me to find the thanksgiving in each and every day - and find 1000 Gifts along the way.  I have begun to record those a few at a time.

I long for the simple life - likely because my nature is one that can get going and caught up in people and places and things very easily.  My walk through depression has taught me alot about saying no to things, and about taking time for my well-being, but I still tend to get moving like a runaway caboose.

And then I hear the simple things in life beckoning me to just curl up on the big old armchair, and to just sit... to just be.  Ah... God is teaching this old gal, slowly but surely.  I am so glad HE is so patient with me!

Today I noticed things like the way the river has broken up and has already risen ...
At night I hear the sound of the geese that are hanging out at the river.  I love sleeping at mom k's condo with the windows open.
Today I noticed how the sun warmed my body - and truly felt like spring.
How the snow has made interesting shapes as the sun has been melting it slowly.

I am asking God to continue to open my eyes to the simple things - to the most beautiful things that I otherwise miss when I am so "busy" running here and there.  Someone once said that "If the devil can't get you down, he will get you busy!"  Yep, I agree.

God is showing me more - he is also "opening the eyes of my heart" to His voice, to his creation, to his presence.  Ah, the simple things in life....  and by the way - they do seem to go well with a great cup of coffee too!


christine said...

noticing the sights and sounds of life, like you mentioned...(the sound of birds, the heat of the sun)- are starting to define "simple living" for me too! slowing down feels good.

Peggy said...

I love your post. God has been trying for a long time to teach me to be in the moments and enjoy the simple joys of life. Thanks for the reminder.