Sunday, April 10

the week in retrospect

It is Sunday night.  I dropped my sweet man off at the fire hall for his second of two night shifts.  Last night he got no sleep.  Tonight - time will tell.  I am not spending some time sitting in the coffee shop, (you know which one) and taking advantage of the free wireless again.  It is starting to get busier here - as it is now almost 7 pm.  I have enjoyed a big mug of black coffee and tonight it is especially hard to not overhear conversations around me.  You know - it is not as if I WANT to hear them - but they are just there...

It has been a while since I have blogged.  It has been a hard week.  Hard in an emotional way - as I have walked alongside of Alvin as he has processed some extremely hard HARD stuff from work.  Stuff that warranted a text out to our close friends asking them to pray for strength.  A week later, we see how the prayers and support of our friends have helped Alvin walk through the process of grieving (again).

Just not even a week prior I had coffee with my friend Josie - and shared with her some of the deep stuff on my heart - and as we talked over the hard things we have walked through - and the stresses of it all - I think my words to her were something like this "I sometimes wonder what next - and want to ask God - please God - nothing more - we can't take it."  Hmmm....

I am reminded again of what the word says - and I do not have my bible here this time - but they are the words to this effect - that God give us what we need to stand up against whatever comes our way... when it comes He will see us through it."  Honestly some times I just want to say -   but God - what about her - what about him ...  and sometimes when I say that to God - I even have someone in mind!!
WHY GOD does it seem _________ NEVER has anything happen - or anything hard - or anything to go through!! 

But typical of God - MY Lord - and the Sovereign of my life ~ he gently reminds me not to compare my self to anyone else - but to just keep my eyes on him - and he will supply all I need! And he does.  Only GOD.

I have seen God in many ways this week - through people, through circumstances - through the songs I hear outside our window at night as nature stays up! (Geese never seem to sleep).  I have seen God through my little grandson Everett - who loves life!! He makes us smile with his dances!!  I have seen God through the friends who asked "How is Alvin doing..." and "We are praying for you" .... how beautiful the "church" is when we are surrounded by those who love God and love us with His love!
I have seen God this week in some of the people I have processed through my work.  I had one conversation with a guy who gave me a fridge magnet with a Bible verse on it.  Over and over again, I am reminded that God is at work in my life, and in the lives of those around me!  I am thankful.

This week I have worked with amazing co-workers.  We have laughed together.  I have had coffee with friends.  I have had times with my family! (love that so much!)  I have laughed with my husband and cried with him.  It has been a week that is behind us - but one in which we have grown, and I am thankful.

What does the week ahead hold? Tomorrow night I finish up the last bible study at church with the other women.  We have been studying a bible study by Beth Moore since the middle of January.  It has been a blessing! It also means that I will going out of town for three days - on a mobile clinic.  It will be the longest one so far.  Alvin - he is hoping that they will move forward on the house build - and I have a feeling they will!  Our little grandson and his mommy and daddy are heading to Mexico for the week, and we will miss them. 

The week ahead is full - and it is my prayer that we will experience God in many ways along the way.  Through people.  Through places.  Through nature.  Through work.  Through play.   We do not know what the week holds, but one thing I am sure - is that I know WHO holds my week!  It it my prayer that my life with hold the fragrance of Jesus as I interact with others.  Lord, please give me the grace to do so!  May your week hold blessings and surprises with each day too!

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