Wednesday, August 10

looking up

I am doing a Beth Moore Study - called Stepping Up - the Psalms of Ascent - and I am actually not doing this in a group setting, but I am doing this on my own.  Just wanted an in depth study during summer, and have always wanted to do this one.  So I am.

Yesterday and again today, my thoughts were focused on Psalm 121 - a psalm that I love.  I often read this Psalm to Omi (Mom Klassen's mom) when she was dying, and I also read this Psalm to Mom as well.  I love it.   It directs my gaze upward.

It talks about our Lord God as our helper, our protector along our journey.  Yes ... along the journey!  And what a journey we are on.  Each of our journeys are different - but none the less are not always easy.  My journey has been full of uphill climbs and down hill coasting ... it has been full of mountain top experiences as well as deep valley lows  The journey has not been an easy one, but it has been one where I have been stretched, and grown and changed to become the woman that I am today.  Sometimes I don't recognize myself or the life now ... but I know who has carried me through all the steps and the journey, and I am thankful that HE, my Lord, is the one fully in control.  Yes FULLY ... even though I still ask him many "WHY GOD?" questions.

At the end of today's Quiet Time, I was asked in study to transform PSALM 121 into my own prayer:
Here it is.  Perhaps you could write your own too, based on this favorite Psalm 121.

My Psalm 121

I stand and look
my face upward toward heaven
to ward you O Lord, MY God.
You are the One who is my helper at all times
you watch over each step I take and you guard me along my journey
I don't have to worry because you are always alert
you are watching and waiting.
You never get tired or sleep
You always watch over me - like a parent over their child
watching every rise and fall of my chest with each breath
listening for every sound that is murmured or spoken
watching for danger or distractions along the way
When the heat of this present life overwhelms me and threatens to sap all my strength
You provide the shade, and the green grass to rest in
You give me what I need to renew, refuel and refresh
It doesn't matter what time of day or night
You are there.

You keep my from harm
in the past
in my present day
and in the future
You care about each step of my journey
You love me so much
You direct each step I take and when I can't walk another step
you will carry me when I am too tired.

You have been
You are, and
You always will be
my helper
my protector
my Sovereign God.
And I love you so much.
So very very much.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Joy for that reminder today. I needed that. I haven't heard that song " I lift my eyes up" in a very long time. It reminded me of my cry for help right now and just how I have been crying out to God. Thank you. I needed that today.