Tuesday, August 2

Soul Care 101 by Dr. Larry Crabb

Two years ago, just before I resigned, I had signed up for a week long course with Dr. Larry Crabb, down in beautiful Colorado Springs, at Glen Eyrie Retreat and Conference Center.  This week long time together, which was the School of Spiritual Direction (class 33) ~ was one of the most amazing weeks I have experienced.  I was in a beautiful part of the world, being taught by Dr. Crabb (which was amazing in itself) and to meet some amazing men and women (especially Paige and Jason, who were my friends in my triad)  This week was costly - but I can not say how amazing it was for me spiritually.  Absolutely amazing.  I thank God for the opportunity to go and learn.

I have thought of that time away alot and thank God for what I experienced.  It was at a very raw point in my life ... I had just resigned from my 7.5 years in pastoral ministry because I knew without a doubt that God was calling me out of ministry at McIvor.  However, leaving ministry there, was not without some personal pain and heartache which had occurred in the year following our little grandson Jay's silent birth. While losing our firstborn grandson Jay was the hardest grief I have ever ever ever experienced ... our journey was compounded by some misunderstanding and hurt.  Hard to say, and sorry to say, but true.  SO going away to sit under the teaching of Dr. Crabb (christian counsellor/teacher/author) was so timely.  I wept as God began the work of healing in my life.  (which is still ongoing).

Since that time I have thought alot about getting more insight, more teaching in the areas of spiritual direction and Alvin and I are currently reading the book SOUL CARE by Dr. Crabb.  I love it when we are both reading the same book at the same time!  It involves creative reading so that we never lose one another's spots! BUT ... tonight I just signed up for a course by Dr. Crabb, called SOUL CARE 101 which can be taken online - and will only grow my understanding and ability of caring for others - through daring to care for someone!

This is the first of 4 courses, and then I hope to be able to go to the next Step week long course once again under the instruction of Dr. Crabb.   While it in the end with give me a "certificate" ~ I think that the real thing I look forward to is having more insight, more knowledge into caring for others.  I am thinking perhaps I need to start saving my money for the next week long course !!

I am very excited about this ... very, very excited!  Just thought I would share that with you.  I think perhaps God will use this in the retreat ministry with women!  O Lord, please grow my love for you, my love for your Word, and my love for others.  Please use me Lord.  Use me to bring you honor and glory. amen.

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