Thursday, August 4

NOT impressed but impressed

Years and years ago, after coming home from camp - Josh proceeded to do graffiti art on some of our sheds/cow lean to's etc in the back.  He went to town with spray paint, and later when his cousin came, Gord did a little art of his own back there.  Then when Josh and Jer were running a skateboard park in the church parking lot - he was able to secure a semi trailer (just the trailer) and got it moved into the yard, and then they got a guy to do graffiti on it.  Actually I like graffiti - or should I say I like SOME graffiti.  I do not like the stuff that the gangs tag on buildings/signs/mailboxes etc.  BUT I do like the graffiti I see when the long trains go by.  Some of the graffiti is very creative - very artsy.  I like the colors, the flowing lines, and often the abstract art form.

Well this morning, as I was on the way to work - I went over the Chief Peguis bridge and on to work.  I turned onto MainStreet and was not too far south when I noticed the flowers and the graffiti.  I don't know which I noticed first, HOWEVER I did notice that there were the purple and white flowers - multiplying/blooming/growing on the median boulevard right close to Kildonan Park.  Maybe I also got to take a little more in since I had a red light at that intersection.  

The flowers were beautiful.  I especially liked the purple petunias I think they were. And then I saw the graffiti - and although it is by the looks of it, just a tagging with initials, it was done in PURPLE!!
And while I was not impressed with the tag itself - I was impressed by the fact that the tagger did it to match the flowers! Perhaps he/she didn't plan it like this - but I am giving them the shadow of a doubt ad saying it was planned this way.  Perhaps in the midst of tagging property that is not theirs - just perhaps they had some thought to it - to make the tag blend instead of stick out!  Regardless - it really wasn't that offensive as it would have been in black!

It made me think of how we want to blend in, but yet keep our originality.  Hmmm.... 
It made me think about as one who follows Jesus ... do I blend in or stick out?  I am not sure that sticking out is a good thing.  Too many people are turned away from Jesus by Christians who stick out so much they make other people feel like they would never measure up - or be good enough to get close to Jesus. (no wonder Jesus came for the broken, the sin-filled, the messy ... cause he doesn't care if we measure up, he just wants us to follow him!)

Maybe blending in a little, and yet keeping the originality of who God made me to be is similar to the tag done in purple among the purple and white flowers.  I don't know ... just a thought!

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