Monday, November 7

our sweet little man

Today Leah and Ev came to visit us here at the land.  Josh was working with Alvin and so by coming out not only did I get a visit, but so did Josh and Alvin.  It is always a good reason to stop working when Leah and Ev come.  Anyhow - being relatively still since I hurt my foot - I was very happy to hear them knock and say hello!

Everett is our little sweetness ... there is just no other way to describe him.  He is so much fun.  He is saying more and more phrases each day it seems.  He has a cute little voice although it is a little raspy because of his cold.

He makes "eyes" and knows especially when he is being cute! (which really is most of the time!)  He makes us laugh alot.  He loves to cuddle.  He loves to be sung to.  He likes to do "round and round the garden went the teddy bear" and also "cut the pickle, tickle tickle!"

I bought a set of Elmo hands and I keep them with me, or bring them to his house when I come to visit!  When you press Elmo on one of the "tickle hands" he sings and tells you to do the tickle dance.  Everett loves this.  He spins, dances, laughs, and when Cookie Monster says "cowabunga" Everett repeats it!

Today while we were waiting for lunch I was holding Everett as Leah was making the potatoes for our lunch.  (I appreciated this, as working in the kitchen while using crutches has its drawbacks!)  So, Everett and I sat and took some pictures and some video with my ipod.  You will see how cute he is!   Yes, I am unabashedly bragging!  Isn't that what Granny's are allowed to do?

I just love our sweet little man!! Enjoy this cute little video clip from my ipod.


Tanis Gray said...

He is adorable!

Elizabeth said...

We all loved watching this! Adorable!